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Month: September 2018

I Wonder

  And I’ve been wondering since I first came up with the idea of “Bring Joy to the Table.”   How do I write about “joy” when I’m not feeling it, when world or personal events have me mad, or sad. Which is the deeper value–authenticity […]

On the Road to Autumn

    Four days ago, we left our home in California for a trip to Idaho. The color lover in me was a happy traveller. We drove through the dry brown hills dotted with dark green oaks of Central California, then the gray mountain peaks […]

A Pick-Me-Up

    I was a little down this week. I did many of the things I tell myself to do when this happens: I bought myself flowers, I went for a long walk with our dog, I spent time with my husband, I wrote in […]

A Happy Taverna Evening

Many years ago, my husband and I lived and worked on the island of Cyprus, on the Greek side. From that time on, we have been enamored of Greek food, culture, landscape, and music. Hummus and tzatziki are house staples as are feta and halloumi […]

Tasty Italy Planning

Now this is my kind of assignment. A friend and her husband are going to Italy this fall. Their itinerary is set, but she asked me if I had any food recommendations. She knew this Italian-American could probably come up with something! I immediately thought […]