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Month: December 2018

The Sounds of Joy

The Sounds of Joy

  During the quiet time of winter, I am drawn to nature…a walk in the woods through barren trees, a search for sea glass on an ocean beach, a view of a sunset from a cozy porch. We came upon a newspaper article about one […]

Living in a Library–Well, Almost

Living in a Library–Well, Almost

What better place for a former librarian and his mate to spend a few days than the Library Hotel in New York City (  Located one and a half blocks from the New York City Library Main Branch, each of the 10 guestroom-floors is devoted […]

“On Wisconsin”

We spent a lot of time this last week around Capitol Square in Madison, Wisconsin, a wonderful hub for all kinds of activities. We tasted, and bought, cheese at one of our favorite cheese shops anywhere–Fromagination, a great source of Wisconsin cheese gifts ( We […]

Familiar Pieces of Home

Here we are in Madison, Wisconsin, where the temperature may reach 30 today, if we are lucky. I love coming to Wisconsin when the temperatures start dipping. “Really?” some Wisconsinites ask, as they board their planes for warmer climes? Yes. Really. First of all, it […]

A Special Blend

    When I first drove by our local Testarossa Winery tasting room ( , I was reminded of one of the nicknames my Italian grandfather gave me–testa dura or “hard head.” Hmmm. Telling. As it turns out, Testarossa means “red head” and was the nickname […]