musings about food, travel, creativity and life



It all started a year ago when I found myself searching for the answer to two questions:
1. what do I need in order to be healthy and balanced?
2. what do I hope to contribute to the world?

The answer to both questions was joy. And because I’m Italian-American and love food and eating, the phrase “Bring Joy to the Table” popped up.

This blog will include words and images about what brings me and others
joy. It might be an inspirational meal, or a provocative book, or a trip, or a
vase of purple peonies, or a great glass of wine or the perfect walk with our dog in the mountains. It could be big or small, a serendipitous one-time occurrence where one must “kiss the joy as it flies” or a daily practice like writing in a gratitude journal. For sure, it will be an exploration with a changing landscape.

So here we go! “A gioia!” To joy! “A tavola!” To the table!