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A Pick-Me-Up



I was a little down this week. I did many of the things I tell myself to do when this happens: I bought myself flowers, I went for a long walk with our dog, I spent time with my husband, I wrote in my journal, I made minestrone.

On one day, a friend and I met for lattes and pastries at a coffee shop in a local shopping center. After enjoying our sweet tidbits and conversation, we said our goodbyes and I ambled toward my car. I eyed the windows of stores on my trek and then wandered into one that looked particularly colorful and uplifting. As I walked around, I noticed a set of salt and pepper shakers that made me smile. I needed that.

They were in the shape of little Wellington rain boots in red with white polka dots. I could see them on our holiday dining table providing their spicy contents as well as daily cheer. I was smitten, and succumbed. A small form of retail therapy.

Those spunky shakers are already on our table working their magic. Why wait for the holidays? Why not smile everyday!



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