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Month: November 2018

Thoughts Around the Table

What an unusual Thanksgiving season this has been. There we sat around a beautiful and bountiful dining table with wonderful friends feeling blessed, while others in our region were experiencing tremendous losses. We thanked the recent rain that brought relief to the fire areas and […]

Ah, Health!

A few years ago I attended a workshop on the health properties of wine and olive oil given by a local vintner and a cardiologist. Growing up as an Italian-American, I knew intuitively what they were talking about! I remember seeing those healthy staples of […]

Good Books, Good Friends

A sign over-the-door saying “Joy” welcomed me to our book club meeting this week–how perfect! First, it was a glorious clear blue valley day. Second, the women in my book club always read thought-provoking  books.  And third, the book I was going to share was Joyful: […]

Coffee Therapy at Its Best

Many years ago I saw a sign in a coffee shop in Ireland that asked, “Is there life before coffee?” Some mornings I feel like that. But then–Ta Da!–I make my first cup of coffee and I’m alive and well and perked up! My usual […]