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On the Road to Autumn



Four days ago, we left our home in California for a trip to Idaho. The color lover in me was a happy traveller.

We drove through the dry brown hills dotted with dark green oaks of Central California, then the gray mountain peaks of the Sierras.  When we hit the Nevada high desert, there was a quieting of the color palette with camel hills and tufts of sage green, yellow and mauve. Eventually we crossed the Snake River and drove by black lava outcroppings of the Idaho high desert. All against a blue sky with fluffy white clouds. Oh, my. Where were my watercolors when I needed them!

And although driving through the desert portion of our trip usually makes me nervous–as in “what if our car breaks down”- this time ’round I enjoyed the almost empty highways that allowed us to be on cruise control. I relaxed into the space and openness. I saw little towns and ranch oases spotted here and there and wondered who lived there and what their lives were like. I saw groups of sheep and cows grazing. I let my mind wander and expand to follow the roads leading to far horizons.

Now we are off the road and in Sun Valley, a home away from home. The cottonwoods and aspens are turning golden yellow and the creek outside our window is gurgling right along. There is a crispness in the morning air and leaves scattered on the ground. There are old friends and places to revisit, farmers markets and coffee places to enjoy, and new people to meet and fun places to explore. I’m ready.

We will see what this place and autumn bring to us, and out of us. Perhaps in keeping with the season, there will be a falling away of thoughts and feelings no longer needed, and knowing me, probably an accompanying nostalgia for what was. And if we’re lucky, maybe we will be given revelations and inspirations for a vital new season in our lives. Here’s hoping!



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