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Month: April 2019

“A Short Stack, Please”

A few months ago, I was in the Phoenix Gift Shop near the Nepenthe Restaurant in Big Sur and I saw a delightful series of colorful little cookbooks.  Each volume focused on a different ingredient or food, was curated by a well known food personality, […]

Rabbits, Rabbits, Everywhere

      I have a rabbit fetish.  I haven’t counted how many little stuffed fabric or ceramic bunnies or silver rabbit charms I have, but let’s just say, I have many.  It all started when I had a dream about a rabbit that I […]

A New Take on Lenten Dinners

I remember Friday fish Lenten dinners around the Catholic home front when I was growing up.  They were simple fare and, because I usually gave up sweets for Lent, there were no cookies, candies,  or ice cream lying around to tempt me. Not so at […]

Light Fare

Some weeks, I just need to keep it light.  Last week was one of those weeks.  Here’s what I did when guests came for dinner and an overnight:   1. I had a simple table centerpiece*–one doll, two vases of flowers, three glassybaby candles.    […]