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Art and Beauty


Allora is one of my favorite words in Italian. There are many nuanced meanings for allora; I think of it as “and so…” It is often used in conversations as a transition or filler word when one is going from one thought to another, a […]

A Little Lift

Here we are staying at home as part of our state and country’s attempt to slow the spread of the corona virus. This will be a challenging time. We will need to be our best monastic selves, while finding creative ways to be social. I’ve […]

My Saturday Sabbatical

This past week, I must have had writer’s block. Many themes, ideas and rough drafts emerged, but nothing seemed to come together in the right way at the right time for my traditional Saturday morning blog posting. I’m not sure what that was all about, […]

Bring Color to the Table!

Orange is the color of the season. Our local Earthbound Farms Market is a center for natural sculptures of all configurations of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. And I wanted to join the fun by bringing orange to the table this week. I did […]

Travel Tastes

I just visited the Mediterranean! Well, almost. What I did do was read The Forest Feast Mediterranean by Erin Gleeson. It’s her latest release in a series of vegetarian cookbooks. This book is a delight. It is a colorful blend of recipes, illustrated by watercolors, […]

On the Road to Inspiration

Libraries inspire me. I love reading, doing research in quiet nooks, finding unexpected intriguing books, and am married to a former school librarian!  Luckily, we are currently in Ketchum, Idaho, which has a remarkable Community Library. ( So many elements make this a special place. […]

A Smile Can Go a Long Way

Smiling is good for our emotional and physical body. And thankfully, smiling sometimes comes easily from the little things in our life– that first cup of coffee, the view out our window, the photograph of a favorite little child, a puppy sleeping in the sunlight. […]

A Spring Bouquet

A Spring Bouquet

   Flowers–what sweet messengers of love and beauty.  Thanks, spring!   “I must have flowers, always, and always.” –Claude Monet                                              



With the rains coming and going, it feels good to nestle in to our little house on the hill, to sit in front of a fire with a nice blanket on my lap, and to hold a cup of caffe latte in my hands. I […]

The Sounds of Joy

The Sounds of Joy

  During the quiet time of winter, I am drawn to nature…a walk in the woods through barren trees, a search for sea glass on an ocean beach, a view of a sunset from a cozy porch. We came upon a newspaper article about one […]

Familiar Pieces of Home

Here we are in Madison, Wisconsin, where the temperature may reach 30 today, if we are lucky. I love coming to Wisconsin when the temperatures start dipping. “Really?” some Wisconsinites ask, as they board their planes for warmer climes? Yes. Really. First of all, it […]

Good Books, Good Friends

A sign over-the-door saying “Joy” welcomed me to our book club meeting this week–how perfect! First, it was a glorious clear blue valley day. Second, the women in my book club always read thought-provoking  books.  And third, the book I was going to share was Joyful: […]

Finding Fall in California

    In our little valley of California, leaves turning orange, or yellow or red are not as plentiful as in other parts of the country. But there is still enough color change to wake up the senses to “this is a new season.” Add […]

Art + Food + Friends = Fun!

Moroccan cooking anyone? Sashiko embroidery? Scarecrows? These were all part of this week’s events when a group of women friends and I made our 7th annual art retreat to Cambria. Cambria is a delightful town on the Central California coast. During October, the town is […]

Lighting the Way

  I love candles. They give me pleasure and they are a part of my spiritual life. It probably all started when I was growing up as a Catholic. Lighting candles in cobalt blue glass holders in front of a statue of Mary always gave […]