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Giving Thanks

As I sit here listening to John play a sweet melody he has written, and look at the trees turn gold and orange against the mountain vista, I stop, and give thanks—for this blessed moment, for this dear home, for love, for life. Thanksgiving this […]

Quiet Time

It all started within an hour of my last blog posting. A friend gave me a card that said, “Enjoy the little things.” My psyche must have taken that to heart because this week was a quieter balance point to all the “around the table” […]

Around the Table

“It’s not what’s on the table that matters, it’s who is in the chairs.” Over the years, I have often seen this quote. As a food lover, what’s on the table is important to me. But “who is in the chairs” is equally important. To […]

Thoughts Around the Table

What an unusual Thanksgiving season this has been. There we sat around a beautiful and bountiful dining table with wonderful friends feeling blessed, while others in our region were experiencing tremendous losses. We thanked the recent rain that brought relief to the fire areas and […]