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Ten Small Pleasures

“As the world turns” in these chaotic times, most of us are seeking health and balance the best we can. Here are ten recent activities that have helped lift my spirits: Drawing and dressing my four Gigettas shown above with polka dots. Gigetta and polka […]

Three Ingredients

“Good food with friends and family is the cure of souls.”  (from a Leigh Standley Curly Girl cocktail napkin)   It was a very warm day on the Peninsula and I had a series of in-town appointments. Highlighting the day, though, were three events with […]

A Special Blend

    When I first drove by our local Testarossa Winery tasting room ( , I was reminded of one of the nicknames my Italian grandfather gave me–testa dura or “hard head.” Hmmm. Telling. As it turns out, Testarossa means “red head” and was the nickname […]