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“It Takes a Village”

  This summer is a little different for us—we are spending more time in our hometown Carmel Valley Village and loving it!   First, there is no packing—at least for a while.  Second, there are no long drives on crowded roads.  Third, our doggie Cosi […]

On the Oregon Travel Trail

We just returned from a 10-day adventure to visit friends and places we love in Oregon. It was heartwarming and fun!  So here is a mini-travelogue of some destinations and activities just in case you happen to find yourself in Oregon…   ♥ In Ashland… […]

In Our Own Backyard

  It’s May already.  Oh, my.   Here I sit coffee cup in one hand, pen in the other, binoculars at the ready, watching and listening to nature’s display outside our porch window… ….sparkling raindrops on the bay trees’ leaves  …spirited birds all aflutter at […]

New Inspiration

                                       “No one is born a great cook; one learns by doing.”—Julia Child 🧡 Of late, my cooking has needed some inspiration.  I’d fallen into too many […]

Big and Small—All Good

                                                           “Love is the food of life. Travel is dessert.” Anonymous              […]

Good for the Heart

As we approach Valentine’s Day, I wonder what is touching your heart these days.  Here’s just a bit of what’s touching mine…♥   •The green all around us in Carmel Valley that the rain has helped create   •Rainbow after rainbow coloring our sky   […]

Easy Does It

We just returned from our first trip of the new year.  It was to a little inn on the bay in Baywood-Los Osos, California and then to nearby San Luis Obispo. Our sojourn included lots of walking along the bay and in the Elfin Forest, […]

Home It Is

  We will be home for Christmas.  Yes!   How lucky I am… …as I set up our little tree in front of the windows that allow us to see the expanse of our hills and valley …to get out the silver bell ornaments that […]

Thanksgiving Time

With the days getting shorter, I so enjoy nestling under a blanket, sipping my morning latte and writing about all that I am grateful for. So much…     •life, health, my husband John, our doggie Cosi     •our dear family members and family […]

Books, Books, and More…

I now have a new cookbook—surprise!  It’s called Seafood Simple by Eric Ripert. Eric is a French chef and co-owner of New York City’s Le Bernardin, a three star Michelin restaurant and James Beard award-winner, as well as being the author of six other cookbooks […]

Mainely Fun!

  “Fun”—that’s what the tag on my travel bag says.  Thankfully, I have had much of it on our East Coast trip.  In between the cornerstones of loving times with family and friends have been unique on-the-road discoveries, many of which centered around food—what a […]


  A gentle approach to joy this month…a simple question: what makes you smile?   😊Here are a few “smile creating” events for me this month, all first-time events:      discovering “Spaghett”—a summer cocktail consisting of Aperol, Miller High Life Beer and  lemon juice […]

Summer Inspiration

  Here we are in Sun Valley, Idaho, enjoying what feels Iike a summer camp for adults. One round of activities was provided by the annual three-day Sun Valley Writers’ Conference. We had the opportunity to attend or live-stream many of the free-to-the-public events that […]

To the Market

“We have neglected the truth that a good farmer is a craftsman of the highest order, a kind of artist.”      Wendell Berry Do you have a Farmers’ Market near you?  I hope so.  We do—only ten minutes away by car—so last Sunday we […]

Madison—and the World!

”Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”                                         —James Beard    I love traveling—here, there, everywhere.   Right now, we are in Madison, Wisconsin, where […]