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“It Takes a Village”


This summer is a little different for us—we are spending more time in our hometown Carmel Valley Village and loving it!  

First, there is no packing—at least for a while.  Second, there are no long drives on crowded roads.  Third, our doggie Cosi can roam free and safe around our property.  And finally, we can enjoy the unfolding color and beauty of the season from the comfort of home.  

Plus, we are discovering all kinds of “openings” and events right here in our little village.  Here are a few highlights:

—🩵 Last Saturday we and 25 other folks visited our local bookstore, Olivia and Daisy, and heard a book talk by Sara Forte, author of three cookbooks, the latest being Around the Table: Wholesome Recipes to Feed your Family and Friends.  The cookbook is geared toward cooking for a busy family.  The photographs, taken by Sara’s husband, not only showcase the dishes but also give glimpses into their family life “around the table” and beyond.  I learned a lot from her talk and then we all were treated to samples from four of her recipes.  And I just made her Cauliflower Tikka Masala and liked it a lot.  It’s repeatable!

—🩵 We attended an outdoor production of “Hamlet” in the courtyard of Blue Fox Cellars, one of over 20 wine tasting venues in Carmel Valley.  Imagine!  The production was excellent; the venue simple, colorful, intimate; the nibbles and wine (I liked their Rosé of Grenache) a nice softening accompaniment to the intensity of the play.  (The play is part of an ongoing repertoire by New Canon Theatre.)

—🩵 And coming up…an opening on July 14 of The Carmel Valley Creamery just down the hill from us.  I am so looking forward to a new “foodie” place in what was once an iconic valley grocery store, bar, and hang out for decades—Rosie’s Cracker Barrel,  The cheese maker is from Normandy, France, and learned cheese making in Big Sur.  The creamery will not only have its signature cheeses but also excellent local bread and ice cream and will also offer cheese-making classes!  Yay!

—-🩵 And our doggie Cosi wants me to add something…she, and we, are enjoying going for almost-nightly walks in the Carmel Valley Community Park.  Every night there has been a variety of dogs and there is enough vegetation for at least a thousand sniffs per dog.  We like it, too—a slower more rural version of the Italian after-dinner “passagiata” walk.

What a gift to discover, uncover, rediscover all that our little village offers for summer fun—for visitors and residents alike.  Bravo!  Come on by—Carmel Valley Village awaits you!

                                                                                                                 🩵           🩵

P.S. Perhaps the most touching summer activity is what is occurring in our courtyard.  A junco family is in residence…two protective adults and three hungry soon-to-be fledglings, all voicing their needs—“Stay away,” say mom and dad.  “Feed me,” say the little ones.  We tip toe around their dwelling site in quiet awe and gratitude.

                     “By going and coming, a bird weaves its nest.”   Ashanti proverb


6 thoughts on ““It Takes a Village””

  • Loved this post! Your photo seems simple enough but in reality it sings with the complexity of interesting shapes, hues, and the delight of light and hope. Thank you for sharing some of the joy you have found in our little village. – great ideas!
    Thanks , Lynn

    • Thanks, Barbara! We are pretty lucky living where we do. And that little photographed vase has flowers from our garden…..more local blessings🌺🌸🌼

  • I love how you and your husband are enjoying the simple life. We too, are staying home right now, and there is so much here to enjoy. And gratitude never goes out of style.

    • So great to hear from you😋. And so glad that the two of you are enjoying your home territory, too. Sending love to you both…and remembering fondly some of our fun shared times together.💕💕

  • YOU unfold such great story about place!!! I always feel like I am along for the ride as you share the things you love about your community.
    Thank you, XOD

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