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On the Oregon Travel Trail

We just returned from a 10-day adventure to visit friends and places we love in Oregon. It was heartwarming and fun! 

So here is a mini-travelogue of some destinations and activities just in case you happen to find yourself in Oregon…


In Ashland

-Oak Hill B&B with its gourmet breakfasts providing time and space for conversations with new-to-us people,  daily homemade cookies for evening treats with Port wine, and rhododendrons galore

-Lithia Park for walks and inspiration along a creek, around a pond, through the woods

-Cocorico Restaurant for stellar food (I had a vegetarian tagine and a glass of Soter Rosé) and friendly service

-Paschal Winery for wines, sweet Alpaca viewing in the field near the vineyard, and when we were there, a special Salsa band and dancing—woo-hoo!

-Rogue Music Festival in nearby Medford with our lesson in gumboot dancing, a form of dance which began as a way for South African miners to communicate with each other, using the Wellington boots they wore and their bodies as percussion instruments.  Challenging and humbling.  

-And walking around the Oregon Shakespeare Festival venue attempting to eavesdrop, just a bit, on “Macbeth.”


In McMinnville

-Staying at a friend’s rental and being gifted a bottle of wine—none other than the Soter Rosé I had in Ashland!

-Exploring the town, walking in bird-filled woods and quiet meandering on paths on a nearby abbey’s terrain

-Rosé and Pinot Noir wine tasting at Soter Vineyards (but, of course!) and Soléna Estate wineries

-Pura Vida Cocina restaurant with its Latin American fare and unique take on enchiladas

-Top-notch French cuisine at Cuvée in a neighboring town of Carlton with a Parisian owner and a waiter who is our friend!

-The Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum—fascinating, especially the real Spruce Goose, the Howard Hughes aircraft that has a wingspan longer than a football field and was flown, by Howard Hughes and crew, only once, in 1947.


♥  In Sisters

-The Scout—lean, clean new cottages with white and black motif and red Adirondack chairs around a fire pit and perfectly located—one street off the town’s main thoroughfare and right across from the town library (John was a happy camper!) 

-Trivia night at Eurosport Food Cart Garden where the food was Italian from Nonna’s Cucina or Mexican from Cocoloco Taco Bar and where our “Cosi’s Crew” Trivia team didn’t win, but sure had a good time!  

-A locals’ coffee shop called Fika, very Scandinavian in style and an inspiration for me to revisit one of my cookbooks called Fika:The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break by Anna Brones and Johanna Kindvall

-Hola!, a Nouveau Mexican/Peruvian cuisine restaurant in nearby Camp Sherman where the Red Hibiscus Margaritas were mighty fine!

-Walks along Whychus Creek Trail through Ponderosa Pines,  with the view of the Three Sisters mountains at the outlook


SO…thank you, Oregon, for the adventure through your varied landscapes, towns, and restaurants, and for the reunions with dear Oregon friends and our shared doggie Cosi.  Now she is back with us for a while, being her sweet valley girl self.  Our hearts are full and happy. 

                              “Wherever you go, go with all your heart” — Confucius.    












6 thoughts on “On the Oregon Travel Trail”

    • Thanks so much, Luisa! And I enjoy seeing your beautiful paintings of “place.” I hope our and your travels coincide some day soon❣️

  • Oh my! What a beautiful picture you’ve painted of this delicious slice of Oregon. Looking forward to seeing you two soon !

  • I loved reading about the interesting things you found to do especially the dancing. Our recent trip to Oregon was focused on the ocean but you made the inland cities sound exciting. Enjoy Cozi.

    • Thanks! And the Oregon coast is hopefully in our future. And we are loving having Cosi with us.💓🐾💓

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