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New Inspiration

                                       “No one is born a great cook; one learns by doing.”—Julia Child

🧡 Of late, my cooking has needed some inspiration.  I’d fallen into too many patterns—like “let’s go out for dinner!”  I wanted my kitchen mojo back and reinvigorated.  So…I began to experiment and explore. 

I decided o start my cooking renewal with fish, halibut to be exact.  I got out my Seafood Simple cookbook by Eric Ripert and said, “let’s go for it.”  Well, I’m not sure why, but the halibut didn’t quite “cut the mustard,” either in flavor or texture. “Next time,” I said.  And indeed, the next two times, with salmon steaks,, and with some additional cooking hints from the butcher and a neighbor, I had success!

🧡 My second adventure was with a new cookbook suggested to me by a friend.  How could I resist with a title like Joyfull: Cook Effortlessly, Eat Freely, Live Radiantly.  The author, Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, is a nutritionist and Ayurvedic Health Counselor and of Indian heritage.

This book contains over 125 plant-based recipes. So far, I have tried two: Spinach, Chickpea and Raisins Salad with Curried Cashew Dressing, and Cheesy Broccoli Soup.  I liked them both!  When I didn’t have the spices she listed in her recipes, I improvised. My next two are going to be Mexican Lasagna and Pear and Chocolate Crumble.

But it’s not only the recipes I’m enjoying. I’m also loving learning about the author’s healthy lifestyle and culinary culture… things like her morning and evening rituals; thoughts to have while cooking and eating; health benefits, tastes, contraindications, and best ways to use spices; and nutrients needed for health with their benefits and sources..

As she says, “The approach that I’ve taken to writing this book reflects what I’m doing every day in my own life.  I combine science-based nutrition with ancient healing traditions, shake it up a bit so it doesn’t take itself quite so seriously and make room for the joy.” 

This book is offering me a different kind of “travel” opportunity and exploration,  a culinary stretch, and much enjoyment. 

🧡 On a whole different track, watching “Check, Please!, Bay Area,” the restaurant guide program on our public PBS channel, gave me/us some fun ideas for new restaurants to try on our recent foray to the Bay Area.  We went to Limewood Bar and Restaurant at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley and I had a pasta dish called “Campanile,” a nice reference to the nearby University of California’s campus bell tower—and to the “hand bells” shape of the pasta.  And then there was Piazza D’Angelo in Mill Valley where the tortelloni featured on the program came through for this Italian foodie.

AND…I hear that “Check, Please! Bay Area,” on April 18 and 25, will be featuring restaurants on the Monterey Peninsula.  Woo-hoo!

🧡 There you have it!  Some excursions into new territories to help give new energy to my culinary life. So far, it’s working.  If you have any further ideas/books/restaurants for me to try, I’m open!


2 thoughts on “New Inspiration”

  • Thank you for the inspiration to check out Radhas’ book! i also have her husbands book , Jay Shetty – to read on somehow similar subjects. I am really into plant based foods right now ! Loved reading your adventures!

    • Hi Sharon! So good to hear from you💓if you do check out her book, I’d love to know what you think. I’m enjoying all the levels of learning her book offers. And now you’ve gotten me interested in her husband’s book! Thanks for that!
      Sending much💓💓

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