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Good for the Heart

As we approach Valentine’s Day, I wonder what is touching your heart these days.  Here’s just a bit of what’s touching mine…

  •The green all around us in Carmel Valley that the rain has helped create

  •Rainbow after rainbow coloring our sky

  •The glistening of raindrops hanging on the branches of trees

  •Two vultures with wings regally outspread, drying their feathers in the sun

  •A hummingbird sitting on an oak tree in front of our porch windows… so still and then, whoosh—fluttering off to hover nearby and then returning to be still once again.  Phew! 

  •Our little doggy Cosi bounding into the house after her garden explorations

Thank you, Mother Nature, for providing such sweet reminders of the beauty and mystery of life on the planet.  I’ve smiled a lot these last few weeks and that feels good for the heart!


Other Smile Producers-Heart Warmers:

•A new pasta called Good Hair Day Pasta!  I haven’t tasted it yet, but I sure like the whimsy of the name and packaging, and they have all kinds of pasta (and hair style!) varieties. Check it out at  I think this could make a fun addition to a basket of goodies for a special person on a special occasion.

•A program on Hawaiian cuisine on “The Splendid Table.” ( I loved hearing about how creativity and various cultures of the islands factor into various dishes.  I’m looking forward to seeing what else is on their menu, so to speak.

•A picture book for John (spoiler alert, editor John!)…Love Is by Diane Adams and illustrated by Claire Keane.  A very sweet story about, but of course, love between a little girl and a duckling!

•These little flower plates given to me years ago by a dear friend. They are so perfect for olives, or nuts, or my morning biscotti.  Plus, they remind me of my friend!

•An inspiring on-line live five-session class on “The Science and Practice of Joyful Living” from Continuing Studies at Stanford.  Taught by Kelly McGonigal, a research psychologist at Stanford University, this class is focused on  how to observe, appreciate, increase those elements in our life that bring joy to our lives.  And I’m reading one of her many books—The Joy of Movement. 

SO…I am wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.💓  May life bring you much to lift your spirits and fill your hearts❣️❣️









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