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A gentle approach to joy this month…a simple question: what makes you smile?


😊Here are a few “smile creating” events for me this month, all first-time events:

     discovering “Spaghett”—a summer cocktail consisting of Aperol, Miller High Life Beer and  lemon juice

     learning indigo dyeing and design from a former student

     traveling with free miles on business class

       being a “camp counselor” at a family event at age 81

😊And other sweet summer happenings:

     watching our 17 l/2 year old black and white doggie romp on green grass

     eating apples from an apple tree my dad planted over 50 years ago

     enjoying fabulous “camp” food including a gourmet Chinese dinner and a make-your-own pizza party followed by ice cream sundaes where all the toppings for both courses were displayed in bowls on a large Lazy Susan

     Walking barefoot on a sandy beach and finding sea glass

     Getting to know our grand nieces and nephews and sharing fun times with them


😊And today, a celebration—“Bring Joy to the Table” turns five years old!  I smile and thank you all for being a part of my exploration of joy.  May the rest of the summer bring you many smiles.😊😊





12 thoughts on “Smile!”

  • Congratulations and Happy Five Year Anniversary to “Bring Joy to the Table”.! Thanks for always inspiring and sharing the joy. I so appreciate it! 🥂

  • So happy to read this Lynn! Thank you for being with the kids thus seek I’m so happy you all had a chance be to get yo know each other! !that meek looks amazing 😉

  • Wow….sounds like the Archers are having a fabulous joy filled summer!! Just as it should be.
    Since my friend Lynn is perpetually young at heart, you will make a great camp counselor until at least 100!!!
    Sunflowers are, of course, the happiest flower so this usually “black thumb” decided to grow some from seed this year and I’ll be darned….they are 6 feet tall.
    There will be a big smile on San Juan Island when they bloom so I will be sure to send a picture.
    Off to the Sierra’s for some wilderness backpacking post Labor Day after a summer that is not fun like yours…..someday!!
    Hope to see you Archers in October.
    Love and Hugs.

    • I love your positive attitude, friend! Have a grand time in the wilderness and hope to see you in October, indeed❣️

  • So well said and so pleased to have convinced you to come and to have your many contributions❤️❤️❤️

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