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To the Market

“We have neglected the truth that a good farmer is a craftsman of the highest order, a kind of artist.”     

Wendell Berry

Do you have a Farmers’ Market near you?  I hope so.  We do—only ten minutes away by car—so last Sunday we paid a visit.  I loved it all: 

the colors,  shapes, and vibrancy of the fruits and vegetables

the cascading bouquets of pink, yellow, orange flowers

the “collective effervescence” of being with happy people looking for the perfect tomato or the just-ripe apricot

the three empanadas and chimichurri sauce we bought from the woman from Paraguay and talking with her about drinking mate, a South American herbal tea

 the zucchini, cabbage, and lettuce we carefully chose to augment our empanada dinner that evening

And then there were all the enticing booths we enjoyed looking at but managed, this time ‘round at least, to resist—like the popcorn popper, the pastry chef, and the bacon seller. 

It was fun running into people we knew and seeing people we didn’t know. It was a sweet way to begin our Sunday, giving thanks for all the people who give us inspiration with what they create in food and art.  

Another little market I love going to for the same kind of food and people inspiration is one of our local grocery stores—Jerome’s Carmel Valley Market.  

Jerome offers fresh organic produce, food and wines from local vendors and from all over the world, and because he is an accomplished chef and caterer trained in France and Switzerland, he offers a variety of freshly made food for take-out.  Most Fridays Jerome makes one of our favorites—paella.  

Sometimes when I am shopping there,  French music is playing in the background.  Oh, dear. I head for the rosé wines from the Provence, or the  Bonnat bars from Voiron and what about that new Brie I just heard about?

And I always see someone I know at that market and that makes me happy—I think it’s my, and many locals’, community center.    

So today I give thanks for markets—Farmers’ Markets and local markets—for providing nourishment for the body and soul and for the sense of community they help create.   Merci!



6 thoughts on “To the Market”

  • I always LOVED those Monterey Peninsula Farmer’s Markets. I can imagine how sweet the market out in the Valley must be. I always enjoyed the big, crazy Tuesday night event on Alvarado in Monterey. Such a part of the character of a community. Sounds like you Archers are eating well as always. Cheers and Happy Summer wherever you may wander. xoxo

  • Oh yeah…makes me nostalgic for my time in Carmel Valley! I am heading to our Famers Market tomorrow here in Ashalnd, OR.
    It is a wonderful ,lively event with lots of creative vendors, products, ready made foods and drinks and produce to take home.
    It does feel good to be in community there…reminding us all how precious it is. XOXO Diane

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