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Happy Year of the Rabbit❣️


❤️ As some of you know, I have a rabbit fetish.  In honor of the Year of the Rabbit which officially began on January 22, I have gathered all my ceramic, wood and cloth rabbits together on a bookshelf top; they are happy little critters who make me smile.  Pictured above is my latest addition.

There’s a lot to read about the Year of the Rabbit.  Here’s just a little of what I read in the Japan Times.  It’s a “yin” year of “relaxation, fluidity, quietness and contemplation” as well as one that holds “promise for ‘a more balanced life…There could also be more movement and traveling’ just like that of a swift rabbit.” Yes!  I hope it’s as positive a year as it can be for all.

❤️And then there’s Pantone’s Color of the Year—Viva Magenta.  According to Pantone experts, the color “vibrates with vim and vigor…expressive of a new signal of strength.” Okay.  I’m good with that.  And they continue, “Viva Magenta is brave and fearless and a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative.”  Wowza—you go, Viva Magenta!  I’m ready and have a small magenta-ish scarf to help bring that exuberance in.

❤️And for a food entertaining idea, I’d like to offer one of my new explorations—cheese/charcuterie boards!  I had two mini-lunches on our deck over the holidays and had fun putting together some boards.  Perhaps by the photo below, you can see some of what I included.   I started with some traditional foods—three kinds of cheese, prosciutto, salami, sliced veges and crackers.

My favorite add-ons were Scharfen Berger chocolate squares (officially known as Chocolate Provisions), phyllo crisps,  Castelvetrano olives and marcona almonds. There are so many options—and many books about these boards;  almost anything goes. Fun!

10 thoughts on “Happy Year of the Rabbit❣️”

  • So The Year of the Rabbit is going to be the The Year of Lynn
    I picture you as a swift rabbit traveling to wonderful places near and far wearing a magenta sweater and scarf!
    Throw in a little relaxation and that ought to cover it. Sounds like a lovely plan for the year ahead to me.
    With all of the the fabulous food we had in Italy, our favorite was always those charcuterie boards eaten in beautiful places.
    Yours look perfect and make me hungry.
    Cheers to the Archers for a great year.
    Ciao, Ciao my friend.

    • I love the image of your plan for our year ahead! May it be so 🥳. And may your year ahead be filled with all good for you two, too💕 Ciao, Amica❣️

  • Dear Lynn, YOU make everything more celebratory!! Your enthusiasm always seems to come through…. It is like we can hear your voice as you raise your glass and share your warm smile. Love, DIane

  • Go Racer Rabbit. Let’s discuss the color Magenta, research ahead. Your delicious board made me turn up my nose to my dinner of Annie’s frozen organic lasagna from Costco. Ruined!!

  • Did you craft your new rabbit, Lynn? Maybe create a magenta rabbit for your collection. It will provide inspiration for whole the year!
    Happy road trips be they short or long.

    • I wish I could say I made that little rabbit, but I didn’t. I like your idea of making a magenta rabbit💓, though. If I do, it would/could become one of our road trip companions🤗

  • Lynn, I enjoyed this so much! I was born in the year of the Rabbit! I am planning a wonderful year ahead! What year were you born, are you a Rabbit too? Such fun, to read and learn about all this stuff! Love your ‘cheese board’ I want to sit, drink some good Italian wine and visit with you! Hope you enjoy this year as much as I am planning to! Also, Love reading your blog, it’s spectacular! Stay Well! Ciao!

    • How fun to hear from you, Joan. I smiled when I saw your name🤗
      I hope the year of the rabbit (my birth year is a year of the horse) is a wonderful one for you—-and for all🥳

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