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Food Fun

Discovering fun new food is always an upper for me.  So in Madison, I’ve been “up” a lot! 

One food find, a bread purchase at the Farmer’s Market, led us to the bakery source, interestingly enough called Origin Bakery; while there, we saw the bakers in action and bought another bread—Sprye (spelt, rye, wheat)—that made a great accompaniment to the local bratwursts we grilled at home.  For the bread makers out there, you might want to check out their website for some interesting bread-making ingredient ideas.

Another food escapade led me to an Italian deli called Alimentari where I saw the pasta maker turning out one of his four kinds of pasta for that day. I remembered images of my grandfather doing the same at an Italian delicatessen in North Beach, San Francisco, decades ago.  I bought a pound of Campanelle pasta with their homemade Arabiatta sauce and that night we had a fresh tasty dinner with lots of then-and-now memories folded into the mix. 

Then where was a granola purchase that got my fun food mojo going.  It was from a company called Kick Ash (!)  As it turns out, the granola is produced by the Ash family in Door County, a lovely peninsula on Lake Michigan.  Their motto is “Wake up. Indulge. Kick Ash.”  Gotta love it!  They have a monthly granola subscription—my kind of subscription—and will mail their products to California and other states.  We’re in! 

My two other Madison upper re-visits were Fromagination, a fantastic cheese shop specializing in Wisconsin cheeses, and Gail Ambrosius (her real name) Chocolatier.  Both ship their excellent products across the United States.   Fun gift ideas!



  • The photo above is of Marimekko napkins; I like the colorful pop they give to a table.
  • The photos below are of the sayings that adorn the yummy Yasso Greek Yogurt Mint Chocolate Chip Bars:


  • And I’d like to try the frozen custard at a temporarily closed shop called Wholly Cow! 🐄

On that note…I’m going to moove on and say happy fun eating to you all!







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