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Autumn in Wisconsin🎃



Wow!  Autumn colors and festivities are in full bloom here in Wisconsin, John’s home state.  And in Madison there’s the added vibrancy that a university town brings to the picture.  What a gift of vitality to soak in, with three fun activities in just one weekend!

🧡First, The Dane County Farmers Market in Madison, 50 years old this year, extending around Capitol Square every Saturday, is a visual delight. There are enough cheese samples to make any Wisconsinite happy and enough colorful vegetables, fruits, flowers, baked goods for all.                                                                                                               


🧡Then there was the free, self-guided car (or bike!) trip around 50 miles of the Wisconsin countryside called the Farm/Art DTour with food and art stops along the way. It was a most unusual excursion and an inspirational homage to the importance of healthy farmland and food production, with much learning, great nibbles, fun and educational art, and autumn colors as a vivid backdrop. One of our favorite art pieces was a 20’ moveable Giant Farmer of Plain puppet that was a tribute to all the farmers who provide our food. 


🧡Finally, we enjoyed a Harvest Happy Hour Party that offered food and beverage that was tasty and attractively presented, and that gave me some fun ideas for future fall entertaining of our own.  Here’s what was served:

🍂Housemade Pub Mix: baked Chex mix with ranch slaw

🍁Pear Crostini: Bartlett pears, ricotta cheese, candied walnuts, clover honey on grilled sourdough bread.

🍂Pork Sliders: pulled pork with fall spices, apple cider slaw, chipotle aioli, on brioche buns.

🍁Antipasto Skewers: salami, artichoke hearts, fresh mozzarella, red pepper, cherry tomato, tortellini pasta, marinated olives.

🍎Apple Cider Donuts and a Hot Apple Cider Bar: hot apple cider, caramel syrup, cinnamon sticks, dehydrated apples, and whipped cream.

Oh, Yes…it’s definitely fall in Wisconsin and we are IN❣️  I hope your autumn season is shaping up to be a delightful one for you, as well.🧡 









12 thoughts on “Autumn in Wisconsin🎃”

  • So pretty…..a real midwestern Autumn.
    You two always find such fun things to do.
    I LOVE farm tours. Such wonderful places and people. We forget that real food does not really come from the grocery store!!

    If I miss you in Carmel at the end of this month, I hope to catch you in late December.
    Enjoy you Cheeseheads!!!


    • I imagine you have a pretty autumn, too🍂🍁. And yes on recognizing where our food comes from and all the hard work involved by so many people.
      Hope to see you in December😍❣️

  • Hi Lynn, so glad to finally locate your posting. Hope you & John are having a wonderful time.

    I am going to Portland. for a couple of months.

    My love goes out to you & John.

  • Hi Lynn-love your post! The photography is beautiful. I had fun just reading and looking at your work! You are amazing! Hugs from here! Glad you are “enjoying” Wisconsin! ❤️Barb

    • Thanks so much, Barbara❣️ It’s a fun “up” time here…such pretty colors and good “eats”…just got back from a walk to an Italian deli where I bought some freshly made pasta and Arrabiata sauce—what me happy?🤗🧡🤗 Hope you are having some “up” moments as well. Sending love🧡

  • I want to be in Wisconsin in the Fall…Great Blog and hope you both are well and enjoying the beauty and food. Have a Happy Halloween.
    All the best for a great holiday. Come see us..Steve and Nancy

    • It is pretty here—I especially love it when the yellow leaves “rain” off the trees…
      So good to hear from you and I wish you and Nancy a Happy Halloween, too. Do you already have your costumes?🎃

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