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It’s Flower Time


Happy May! 🌸 

It’s Spring and flowers are a-bloomin’ 💐 And what a joy they are —hits of light, color,  beauty and happiness.  I seem to be buying more and more each day.

And I want to display them the best I can.  To do that, I reacquainted myself with what vases I have.  One rediscovery was a foldable plastic vase that recently joined us on a mini-down the-coast trip so that we could have flowers in our room. The flowers then accompanied us home, nestled in our car’s center console (Remember those VW Beetle bud vases?)  Now they are on our dinner table, bringing a little bit of delight to our meal times.  Traveling flowers at their best! 

know many of you are excellent gardeners and flower arrangers.  If you have any ideas or photos or books you would like to share about gardening or flowers, that would be so fine!  

In the meantime, may you enjoy whatever is blossoming in and around you and whatever sweet bouquets you are creating for yourself and those you love. 🌺🌸  

                                                       “The earth laughs in flowers.”

                                                              Ralph Waldo Emerson


Food for Thought: What I’m Reading (and Coloring!)

I’m loving a “delicious coloring book for food lovers” called Pies, Fries and Ice Cream.  Published by Chronicle Books and drawn and designed by four illustrators, it is a visual treat, just as is, in black and white!  But I intend to begin my coloring additions soon.  This would be a fun gift for any foodie—child or adult.

On the Road “Delight”

On a recent foray to San Luis Obispo, John and I happened onto a cafe/shop called Lokum, which means Turkish delight.  The shop and its lokum and baklava are all visually beautiful.  We sampled a few treats—all imported from Turkey—purchased some for our picnic lunch and enjoyed our mini-vicarious-trip-to-Istanbul.    



2 thoughts on “It’s Flower Time”

  • Happy May to you, dear Lynn!
    Know that you bring joy to the table and joy to my heart and soul.
    I look forward to your blog–it’s a spirit-lifter and life-extender.
    Thank you for these morsels of delight!

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