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The Power of Words

My book club recently met at a local winery to have a discussion.  But we didn’t meet to discuss a book.  Rather, we met to explore what word we would each choose as a theme for the year. This idea was based on a New York Times article of January 6, 2022 by Tara Parker-Pope called “What’s Your Word of the Year?”

It was such a gift to hear the challenges, hopes and dreams of friends and to be inspired by the words they chose.  

One word I came up with was a command of sorts—“Live!”  Ok, Lynn—so what does that mean?  Maybe taking a few more steps outside the pandemic fear cocoon? Traveling a little further afield?  Learning something new? Dancing more? Or is it as simple as the words on a paper table mat at a local cafe…”Live, Love, Eat.”  I like that!

I hope February finds you healthy and with some inspirational words to brighten and lighten your days. 


On the Menu

Here are a few entrees that have graced our table of late, including some take out, but of course!:

Polenta Lasagne from Gayle’s Bakery (I could live there!) in Capitola—layers of cooked polenta, spinach, mushrooms, cheese, topped with a Marinara sauce.

Pasta e Fagioli Soup, a family recipe which you can find in my December 5, 2020 blog post.

Gorgonzola and Walnut Ravioli and Bolognese sauce, courtesy of Bigoli Fresh Artisan Pasta in Sand City.

Salad Nicoise, with grilled salmon instead of traditional tuna.

Bacon and Kale Risotto with Fried Eggs from a cookbook-memoir called Good Enough by Leanne Brown.  It was more than “good enough.”


On My Bookshelf: Food for Thought

The Words We Choose: Your Guide to How and Why Words Matter by Terre Short. Considering my current focus on words, it is a timely read, giving me much to think about, and at times to disagree with.  It is also teaching me current slang, social media abbreviations, and pronoun use.  Very helpful.

Make Meatballs Sing: The Life and Art of Corita Kent by Matthew Burgess, pictures by Kara Kramer.  A fun, colorful picture book about one of my favorite artists of the 60’s, Sister Mary Corita, later to be Corita Kent.  She was a gifted artist, print maker, designer, educator, and activist, who knew and illustrated words with color and power.  Some of you may remember her Love stamp of 1985.  I have been lucky enough to have a few of her prints and this book is joining my homage-to-Corita collection.



Last weekend John and I and Cosi drove Baci, our VW Van, to a San Francisco event called Burning Van (!)  Since the City was where Burning Man actually began (I hadn’t known this), this felt like a “must do” escapade.  So there we were in Baci at Ocean Beach on a sunny Sunday afternoon parked alongside many other vans, checking out each others’ rigs.  I’ll tell you…who would have thunk it!


♥ Eating Out

Dutch Door Donuts has just opened in Carmel Plaza.  Here your donut is made for you fresh while you wait and watch.  The process takes about five minutes from ordering to enjoying. Flavors include cinnamon sugar, vanilla bean glaze, Meyer lemon, ground chocolate, and more.  They also have various coffees to accompany the donuts, and tables inside and out for getting to the donuts while they’re fresh.  Fun and good.  And talk about word play…here are a few of their sayings: “I love hole foods,”  “I hike for donuts” and “Donut give up!”









6 thoughts on “The Power of Words”

  • I love this post and will get the “Words…” book just to learn the 21st century lingo that eludes me. Burning vans meet, did anyone actually set fire to a van? Stranger things have happened, I guess.
    Fondly, Jeanne (and Roger)

    • It must be the English teacher in you that makes this post resonate! As to the vans, no burning, thank goodness, except for a few barbecue pits alongside the vans doing their skewer thing. So good to hear from you💓

  • Hey…there you are. I was wondering if you might be off on a fun adventure and not posting your blog…..which I greatly enjoy!!
    I am extremely excited about this new donut place and will be visiting it when I get to town. Thanks for the mention.
    Look forward to seeing you and the ladies. What a treat to all see each other twice in just a few months.
    Old friends and girlfriends are just good for the soul.
    Your word is a good one………My favorite Italian chick has always known how to LIVE!!!!!!

    • Thank you for your enthusiasm, friend❣️ And yes on how special it is to see each other❤️🥳❤️ Here’s to La Vita and friendship❣️
      P.S. I’ve switched to once a month blog posts rather than twice a month…with occasional pop-ups if I just can’t resist.

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