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Color Perks!


       “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” Wassily Kandinsky, painter

Sun Valley and nearby Ketchum are filled with summer color.  Flower boxes and hanging baskets line the main streets and shopping areas.  And many stores, as well, provide oases of color.

One of my favorite shops for bringing color to the table is Ketchum Kitchens. ( I love wandering around the shop, “feasting” on the variety of size, shapes and colors that enliven my eye and spirit.  I’m “easy” when it comes to this shop, which for me is almost like a mini-museum.  I revel in its visual and culinary delights 

Ketchum Kitchens has an eclectic collection of cooking and entertaining items from pots and pans and coffee makers to dishes, ceramics, glasses, napkins,  dish towels, candles, and a “gourmet market place..” They also have a small cookbook section, cards and paper napkins with witty sayings, and many small vignettes of inspired table settings.

And, of late, I have made a few small purchases.  A set of four gingham checkered napkins—each with a different background color—has helped upscale our picnics for concerts-on-the-lawn.  I also purchased little stick-in-the-lawn holders (“Steady Sticks”) for wine glasses—fun!  And some friends gave me blue and red polka dot (!) paper Vietri napkins from there. So for a while, at least, I’m “Ketchum Kitchens set!”

And now… a few photos I took on my way to and through the shop.  I hope each of you has a go-to place for easy colorful inspiration.




P.S. I will be taking a little blog break for the rest of August.  So, see you in September. Stay safe, stay hopeful,  and stay inspired.

6 thoughts on “Color Perks!”

  • Super cute…quite a danger zone for my “dishaholic” friend.
    I predict that some new place settings are in your future…..ha!
    Enjoy beautiful Idaho!
    We head to Stanley on Labor Day then Sandpoint later in September to look at property.
    Hopefully will catch you in Monterey in October
    xoxo xoxo

    • How well you know me💓. I am certainly open to some new plates🥴. Enjoy your time in Idaho—sounds as if you have some fun destinations in mind. Love to you two❣️

  • I can easily visualize you grazing through the store finding things that you love. It must take a wee bit of self control to not buy it out. You are definitely tight about the color delights.

    • Ah, yes—-the store provides the perfect opportunity to demonstrate self control until that one irresistible item peeks out😍

  • I absolutely love all the vibrant color! I well remember visiting Ketchum Kitchen with you. Beautiful shop that’s a feast for the eyes!

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