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Let’s Hear It for Inspiration!

I’m feeling inspired. Inspired by the beauty of Sun Valley, by the hope of life reemerging, and by the gifts of words that seem to abound right now in this little  mountain town.

First, there are all the words and sayings I serendipitously happen onto during my explorations… 

…like the saying on my coffee cup from a favorite local coffee spot…

…or these words painted on the walking/bike path…



…or the word on my ice cream cone wrapper …you’ll know why I like this one…



And then there are words on a more formal level. Last week, we heard the Hemingway Distinguished Lecture by Timothy Egan presented at the outdoor venue of the Community Library. I learned so much about two momentous environmental events in our country’s history– the devastating fires of the northwest in 1910 and the dust storms of the 1930’s–as chronicled in Egan’s two books about those events: The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire that Saved America and The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl.   I’m also intrigued by his latest book about a personal journey called A Pilgrimage to Eternity: From Canterbury to Rome in Search of a Faith.  So many books…

Then this week, the Community Library hosted Susan Orlean, author of The Library Book about the fire in the main Los Angeles Public Library. It was endearing to hear her talk about her mother and their shared love of books and libraries and to recognize and be awed by the intense research and writing she did to bring the book to fruition.  

And starting today, more words. The Sun Valley Writers’ Conference begins with 15 free lectures to first-come-first-served lawn-sitters. I’ll be there! Writers like Isabelle Allende, Delia Owens, and John Lithgow will speak or be interviewed. AND their presentations will be live-streamed and recorded, so you too can partake from wherever, whenever, if you would like! (For further information, check the website

Finally, I heard the word “restore” the other night and it rang a bell for me. I looked up the word and found the following synonyms which speak to what many may feel we need to do right now for ourselves and for our nation:

Recharge Recreate. Refresh. Regenerate. Rejuvenate. Renew. Repair. Resuscitate. Revitalize. Revive. Revivify

And so, dear friends, may you find yourself inspired and restored in ways that have meaning for you.

And before signing off, I have two more words— THANK YOU. I feel so honored  that you read my posts! Ciao!

8 thoughts on “Let’s Hear It for Inspiration!”

  • Hey There Archers………looks like you are truly enjoying Sun Valley. It looks like a wonderful little town. We will be in Stanley in September but will not likely have time to get to Sun Valley. Maybe we’ll come visit you there sometime in our Airstream. Your post sounds like it was written by a teacher or someone very close to a librarian…..hmmmmmmmmmmm!! “Wake Up And Live” is my favorite. I think the Archers and the Steere’s are pretty good at following that motto.
    Cheers and love to you both.

  • Yesterday to restore, recharge, revitalize, and all the other “R’s” I biked to a cafe 10 miles away to begin reading Orlean’s “Library Book.. The beginning tells the stories of her and her mother at the library. Wonderful that you were seeing her near the same time.. Synchronicity and serendipity, two of my favorite words..

    • Love this, Caroline❣️ Let’s hear it for R words and those S words, serendipity and synchronicity🤗

  • Once again, a beautiful, creative post, thank you! My sister and her husband live in SV and are at the writers’ conference. Keep enjoying!

    • That’s amazing, Jody. Wouldn’t it be a bit of serendipity if we ran into each other….I hope they’re enjoying the conference. I was so inspired today by the talks I heard. There’s so much to read, so much to learn. Oh my. I feel fortunate to be able to be exposed to so many ideas. Hope you are both doing well in all ways. Ciao! Lynn

    • Thanks so much, dear friend. I’m not really a sage but I do like having my mind challenged and playing with words💓💥

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