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“On the Road Again…”

We just arrived in Sun Valley– our first out-of-state destination in a year and a half!  As we drove through California into the Sierras I was in transition mode. I was still thinking about home.

On our second day of travel I was more present. We were on the high desert with its open landscape, desert sage, rolling mountains and white puffy clouds.There was time and space to observe and wonder–where were all these cars and trucks alongside us going? what about the people in this little desert town or that small cabin on the mountain? what were their stories?

On our way, a stop at Starbuck’s provided the requisite morning lattes and a break from sitting in the car. Friendly baristas asked where we were from and where we were going and wished us safe travels.

Lunch was an indulgence: Culver’s in Twin Falls, Idaho. Culver’s is a Wisconsin hamburger-frozen custard institution. There are now three in Idaho!

My Wisconsin husband had to pay homage and did so with a double cheeseburger and Salted Caramel malt. Cosi and I represented the California approach to cuisine and “shared” a chicken, bacon, and bleu cheese salad.

After lunch, we drove north through a rainstorm and more dramatic mountain and high desert terrain to our destination.

And now? We will see. I’m hoping to take a class at the Sun Valley Culinary Institute and to have at least one Bowl of Soul– more details on both in future blogs.

Until then, I wish you happy healthy travels, be they close or far away, with good vistas and sustenance along the way.


P.S. The many hours on the road gave us a lot of time to listen to some fascinating podcasts. Three special ones were:

💥”The Healing Power of Laughter” on Sanjay Gupta’s “Chasing Life” (CNN Audio)

💥“Eye to Eye Animal Encounters” on To the Best of Our Knowledge on Wisconsin Public Radio

💥”Las Cholitas de Hoy” (Cholitas of Today) on Duolingo about the first indigenous women (Cholitas) to climb Bolivia’s highest mountains


8 thoughts on ““On the Road Again…””

  • When you went through Twin Falls you were only minutes from Jerome where Aunt Velma and Uncle Gilbert lived. My father and his brothers James and Paul busted out of Idaho for California, right after high school.. Thank goodness. I’m sure Sue has some really fond memories of Jerome.

    • Hi Tom! I do remember hearing about your dad and his Idaho times. Nice to know about where your other family members lived, too.
      Hope all is well in your territory❤️

  • Yay….The Wandering Archers are exploring once again. Happy travels fellow road warriors. Enjoy this beautiful country of ours. Happy 4th of July. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • I feel your emotions as you traveled from home. WE all have a different sense of place having experienced a pandemic and we aren’t done yet.
    Can’t wait to hear about your “being there” and know you will have a great time. So happy Cosi is with you. Dogs have a way of keeping us all real and present. Onward through the storm. Just so you know all is well in Carmel Valley. Happy for that. Hugs!

    • Thanks for your comments, Barbara. I am feeing more here, now. It took a little longer than usual, but then, what is “usual” right now. And you’re right—-having Cosi helps. Give her food, water, walks, and a ride into town now and then and she’s one happy doggie!

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