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What Now?

Here we are…emerging from what has been an historic time. As I slowly peek out from under the covers, I want to take stock.

I want to move forward, keeping what was good about “then.” And I want to look for the good and right and life-giving “now.” A combo of “good old” and “good new” is what I’m hoping to create.

One example of that combination occurred this week.  We returned to the place where we met dancing 39 years ago and celebrated our wedding anniversary over our first outdoor restaurant experience in over a year! We were gifted with a beautiful day, a beautiful view, sweet memories of the old and musings about the new.

I also went into my first clothing store. Oh, my. I bought two new tops to go with two old favorite pairs of pants. My credit card was happy! And I visited a local jeweler with a tiny collection of beloved but broken watches and jewelry to be brought back to life.

I tried a new local coffee-pastry place—The Sweet Spot—and a new local book store—Olivia and Daisy–and we did our first van camping trip since October to one of our favorite spots–Morro Bay–and to some brand new spots for us–Oceano and Gaviota Beach. All fun.

As for food? Ah, yes!

🍴We explored Japanese food via takeout from a new restaurant in our village called Mika Sushi. We tasted, and liked, a variety of maki and a thick noodle chicken soup. We will return; we have much to learn about Japanese cuisine!

🍴Inspired by CNN’s Stanley Tucci Italian food series, I bought a large bag of cantuccini,  biscotti-like cookies, and have enjoyed dipping them in wine and coffee.

🍴I’ve tried two new cheeses—a Petite Jalapeño Triple Crème Brie (very soft, pretty and tasty) from Marin French Cheese Company; and a cheddar cheese that’s been rubbed with Earl Grey tea called TeaHive, from Beehive Cheeses.

I look forward to this next part of the journey with optimism and gratitude for life. I’ll be reinvigorating the “good old” and adding some “good new.” I hope your path will be filled with all that you most value.  And bottom line, may we all stay healthy!







6 thoughts on “What Now?”

  • Everytime I read your post, I’ve enjoyed a sweet wander around the rolling hills and ocean views you inhabit there . thank you for bringing us along.,
    Love , Diane

  • HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ARCHERS….love you both!!
    While Derek and I never “submerged” I sure did miss seeing my friends that did so I greatly look forward to spending some time there this fall as we work on our house. We will need to have a “Yay Italy” party with all of those recipes you have been writing about……..yes, you Italians win…..not too much ‘Yay” to gefilte fish and chopped liver….ha!!!
    Cheers to you as you venture into the new and old this spring and summer.
    Ciao, Ciao!

    • Thanks for the Happy Anniversary wishes! And yes to a “Yay Italy” party when you’re in the territory!🇮🇹 Sending love to you both😍

  • Still thinking about the Spring Forward and “siga, siga” dichotomy and am confronting it more often than I thought. I have a family history of planting caladiums every year and have always followed the late May planting advice, but my MastervGardener neighbors have suggested that I need to plant as early as late April this year because of our very warm winter (minus the ice storm!) and continued higher temperatures. Sooooo, I will venture forth boldly! On the other hand, today is a funeral, probably very large, of my good friend’s father.where so many attendees refuse to wear masks and refuse vaccinations. I have decided to stay home and show love in a more private way. I choose “siga, siga” in this case. Thanks for sharing this Greek slogan! Especially since my husband is half Greek!

    • Life’s rhythms do change on us, don’t they, depending on the circumstances. I like how you are
      listening to advice, both outer and inner, to make decisions that are right for you now. I think that’s something we’ll all be doing more of as we come out of what shells we may have lived in for the past year. And I love the “siga,siga” phrase, too. It reminds me of an Italian proverb my father used to like, “Chi va piano va sano e lontano.” “He who goes slowly goes healthily and far.”
      I also want to thank you for your “shout out” for this blog at our zoom meeting yesterday. That was very kind💜. Ciao!

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