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“Say Cheese!”










“When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say?”–George Carlin


We are a cheese loving household.  Growing up, I loved watching my Nonno grate massive amounts of Parmagiano cheese for my grandmother’s pasta con pesto, and Wisconsin John remembers his lunch sandwiches made with pungent (understatement) Leiderkranz.

This past month we have delved into the cheese world in new ways.  Our biggest adventure was an on-line “live” Zoom Wine and Cheese class through our favorite Madison cheese shop—Fromagination.  

Each participant household– about 20, including two friends of ours–ordered and received a shipment of five cheeses, a cheeseboard (made of cardboard with a Scandinavian-like design), a descriptive list of Wisconsin cheeses, and hints about how to taste cheese and what to pair it with.

We were responsible for purchasing the suggested wines or their equivalents and any desired accompaniments.  Everything arrived on time and in perfect condition and there was enough cheese for two people plus plenty for leftovers.

The Wisconsin cheeses we tasted were:

🔶Bella Vitano, an Asiago-Parmesan style cheese from Sartori Company

🔶Hooks Cheese, a 5 year sharp cheddar

🔶Marieke Gouda

🔶Mobay, a French mobier-like goat/sheep cheese

🔶Shroeder Kase Triple Crème Brie


We loved all the cheeses, and the class was a fun, lively and informative treat.  

Up-coming Fromagination classes include Fondue at Home, Cheese and Beer: Wisconsin’s “A” Game, Cheese and Chocolate and many more.  We may just have to take another!  How “gouda.”

 P.S. The California girl in me can’t resist adding a California cheese I just rediscovered through reading Janet Fletcher’s “Planet Cheese” blog.  It’s Petite Breakfast Cheese by Marin French Cheese Company, in production since 1865!  It’s 4 ounces of a mild, triple-crème, sliceable delight that goes well either as a savory or sweet treat.  (For more information go to the March 16, 2021 post at













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  • Dear Lynn, I love the way your stories are like mini celebrations in themselves…taking us away with you for a stroll through your garden or a sit in your patio. Thank you, Love diane

    • Thanks so much, Diane. I’m glad you enjoy the mini-adventures. And re your recent newsletter, I just got out my Diane stencils❣️ I especially love my coffee one ☕️.

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