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As Spring Approaches

Over the last few months, I have often visited a local coffee shop.  I order a latte from the shielded doorway and then find an outdoor table and chair for my café-like experience. Simple and pleasureable.

Sometimes John joins me, or we meet our doggie Cosi’s other mother. At other times when I am there alone, I relax, sip, look, listen, and enjoy the communal feel of the “piazza,” with its nine tables, wooden benches, trees, bright blue sun umbrellas, and people and dogs coming and going.

It is part of a market place of sorts, a destination shopping area. Right next to the coffee shop–Carmel Valley Roasting Company– is Lula’s, a local chocolate shop; across is River House Books where I see two books I want to order: Soul of a Woman by Isabel Allende and Dusk, Night, Dawn by Anne Lamott. And next to it is a bakery, Sweet Reba, that has wonderful Morning Glory bread and other sweet goodies.

Across the street is colorful Spencer’s Stationery, and just up the way is Tops ‘n Travel Store where I can window shop and fantasize. And just around the bend are two wine-tasting establishments, two restaurants, and a florist,  and on it goes. SO…a mini-community market place within viewing and walking distance. Perhaps appropriately, it is called The Crossroads, which means,  among other things, a central meeting place.

As I sit and sip, I wonder what crossroads of a different kind are ahead for each of us. One full year of the pandemic is behind us; spring approaches. How will we each proceed? What will we feel comfortable doing? Where will we feel we can and want to go?   And how will we have changed from all that this last year has brought and revealed?

As experts say, each of us has a different “risk tolerance level” and will move forward accordingly. For some, “spring forward” will be a fitting phrase for getting on with life; for others the Greek phrase “siga, siga”—slowly, slowly—may be the way. Something tells me, “siga, siga” is my way.

No matter how I move forward, though, I know I will be thankful for my little coffee shop and “piazza” that have provided me, and many, with  a touch of peace, pleasure and community as we watched this historic year unfold. Grazie!

8 thoughts on “As Spring Approaches”

  • Yummy, yummy treat to be with you in Carmel Valley this morning! ..A place I miss and look forward to enjoying again. XOXODiane

  • Ahhhhhh…the Crossroads. Remember the Power Juice Company where we used to get those wonderful veggie wraps. I dream of those sometimes. Oh and all of the staff parties at Chevy’s who had the BEST chips & salsa. I always liked that cute little street of shops and am glad to hear it is still a vibrant center. Soon I will be spending a bit more time in my sweet little house in Monterey so can meet you for coffee and pretend we are in a piazza in Venice …at least until we can really be in a piazza in Venice. This Searching for Italy show has me adding to my list of places to visit. Oh….that food.
    Siga, Siga does sound like the Lynn Archer Italian way. No surprise, DS and LC just marched right on forward from the beginning. Both approaches will eventually get us all where we want to go in our own way.
    Ciao, Ciao My Friend

    • Ah, yes…the Crossroads is still alive and well, though with some changes–no surprise! I’m so glad you’ll be
      on the peninsula more so we can meet and enjoy and play pretend-Europe until it can become real. And you’re right–why am I not surprised to hear your approach to all that has transpired. 😍❗️

  • I love this special insight into the intimacy of living in the Carmel area. The men in my family were all golfers, and our yearly visits from Texas to California always centered around tee dates at Cypress Point and the other golf courses nearby. As a young girl, I always stayed at the Del Monte Lodge, ate at a few restaurants, shopped with my mother aNd “ the other ladies.” Never did I think of the area as a real neighborhood, with yearlong residents, with schools no less, and as the intimate nfeeling you described. Thank you for this new and meaningful vicarious experience! ❤️Mary

    • Thanks, friend! Glad you’re ready to plant that garden; keep me posted how it goes. Nice to have you in the Joy community!

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