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These threshold days of ending one year and beginning another are often times of reflection. As we slowly enter 2021, most of us are still in hunkering down mode. And yet with more light each day, new possibilities, like hope, present themselves.

On the last day of 2020, I received a few newsletters that planted some seeds for future inspiration. I’d like to share two with you.

1. There is a cheese shop in Madison, Wisconsin, that we love—Fromagination. I just received word that it is now offering on-line Zoom classes about cheese and its many accompaniments.Cheeses are shipped in appropriate insulation and voila! Good nibbles and good learning. One can take a series of classes or just one class. Classes include topics like “Create a Great Cheese Board,” “Cheese and Chocolate: Rich and Romantic,” and “Wisconsin Best-in-Show Cheese.”  Sounds fun!

2. Dianne Jacob (, a food writer/coach/teacher/editor (she edited my family cookbook), has a bi-monthly newsletter that always includes incredible lists and reviews of cookbooks, cooking classes, and other culinary tidbits for foodies everywhere. She also offers great classes in cookbook writing and is the author of an excellent food writing guide called Will Write for Food

I’ve also just started Deborah Madison’s memoir called An Onion in My Pocket. So far, I’m loving it. I’m learning about her birth family’s farming history and the different views of food each of her parents had. I’m looking forward to reading about her experiences as a Buddhist priest, an omnivore, and a contributor at Chez Panisse in Berkeley and Greens in San Francisco. (Her cookbook Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone provided a simple and good recipe for our first ever Fried Green Tomatoes.)

So, dear 2021, with each lengthening day, may you unfold as a year of health, inspiration and hope. We all need it.

Happy Healthy New Year, all!

10 thoughts on “Hope”

  • Thanks fir the mention Lynn ! I always read your newsletter, and it was a surprise to find my name today.

    I hope the two of you are having a slow, comfortable start to 2021. It’s raining here in Oakkand, and the house is cozy. We’re trying to make the best of lockdown.

    • So good to hear from you and to know you are both okay. We, too, are doing the best we can, trying to focus on the good. Thanks for all you are continuing to do to spread inspiration. I love it❣️ Stay well♥️

      • Love the ‘breadcrumbs’ you always drop along the way Lynn…..looking forward to finding my way along the storefront of foodies in this one! Love and Health, Diane

    Sounds like 2021 is off to a delicious start in your household. How do you both look SO great with all of the cooking, baking & eating going on there?
    FUN IN 21 …..our motto for the coming year. Planning lots of great adventures exploring our beautiful country.
    Plus I have my Big #60 in May….yikes.
    Wishing you a joy and adventure filled year ahead as well.
    Love & Hugs!

    • I love your motto for this new year! FUN, it is🎈Glad to hear of your adventure planning. There is so much to see in our own country, even in our own respective states. We, too, have a few ideas simmering…❤️ Hope to see you this Big #60 Year❗️

  • Thank you, Lynn! As always I learn something from you and now I can’t wait to read Deborah Madison’s book; I use her Veg Cooking for Everyone quite a bit and am excited to know more about her life. Happy New Year!

    • Hope you (and I) will like the book. So far, so good for me. Happy, Healthy (!) New Year to you, as well. I love looking at your Aum Sacred Art Instagram …such beautiful creations.💜

  • Hi Lynn, Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your blog. We met at Diana’s in Sun Valley and so enjoyed our conversations about food and writing and so many other topics. It is great to continue the conversation through your blog!
    Your blog tips have been so valuable. I have read some of the books you recommended and now am so happy so see your comment about Dianne’s book. I just finished a cookbook project. I had fun and included many of my food drawings from paintings and sketchbooks. As with all things, I already see things in the published copy that I could have improved. I always learn by doing and know that finished is better than perfect and more learning will come with each project . I may do another cookbook, so I am ordering Dianne’s book for some guidance!
    Hope we can meet up again when you are in SV. Surely we will all be able to travel again soon!
    Happy New Year!

    • How wonderful to hear from you and about your cookbook. I would love to see it! Is it available for purchase? If not, maybe we can share cookbooks when we can all meet again for real🤗 I’m so pleased you are enjoying the blog and I look forward to hearing about your next cookbook. I hope you find Dianne’s book helpful. All the best to you. Stay well❣️❣️

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