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Giving Thanks

As I sit here listening to John play a sweet melody he has written, and look at the trees turn gold and orange against the mountain vista, I stop, and give thanks—for this blessed moment, for this dear home, for love, for life.

Thanksgiving this year will be different for almost everyone. Many folks will be staying home rather than traveling. Many may be alone or with just one or two household members. Many will be sad to not have their traditional Thanksgiving. 

One tradition I hope will not change, though, is our gratitude for life’s blessings, however we define them–for what we have at our table, for the people we get to share the holiday with, whether in real or virtual time, and for all those who have helped soften what has been a hard year. 

A while ago, I wrote the following poem, which seems to speak to the moment…


Life passes quickly




Count slowly

And savor


May you dwell in health and peace this Thanksgiving and may there be many sweet moments to savor. Thank you for being a part of my community of friends. I smile just thinking of you!

16 thoughts on “Giving Thanks”

  • Thank you for your Thanksgiving post. It made me happy all over!

    How’s my little sister? Have you seen her recently?

    We’re going to spend two weeks in Phoenix to warm up a bit. Then I’ll be out to Carmel to visit all the folks.

    • So glad I could bring you a little happiness! I’ll be sending an e-mail
      about “la famiglia” shortly. So glad we will see you in California, whenever
      the time is right. Sending love and best wishes for a very fine Thanksgiving.

  • Happy Thanksgiving Lynn and John. We are indeed blessed. Lynn you have such a gift for expressing life’s joys and beauty. I love reading your blog and look forward to each new entry.

  • YES, a time of gratitude for so many things but especially that you and John are strongly in our lives. Meaningful poem for this moment. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Thank you, dear friend. You know we feel the same about you and Bob. Much love and wishes for a satisfying Thanksgiving! It may be “designed” differently than previous ones, but I bet it will be good!

  • Lynn, this was just what I needed to read. I love the poem. As others have said, your blog is always a welcome delight when it appears in our inboxes. Yes, we have SO MUCH for which to be grateful. Although we shall miss being with close family members this year, we have hope for that future gathering. I shall send you a video production that our Braiding Sweetgrass group has done of the Haudenasaunee Thanksgiving Address. Doug and I both are reading stanzas. The book itself is all about gratitude and reciprocity. It has become one of my favorite books.
    I hope you and John have a wonderful and joyful Thanksgiving. I know you will. And we look forward to seeing you in the future!!! Love, Joan (and Doug)

    • How wonderful to hear from you, Joan. I look forward to seeing the video and it sounds as if I should read Braiding Sweetgrass…yes? May you and Doug have a blessed Thanksgiving. Both John and I look forward to seeing the two of you, too!! Let’s hope 2021 will allow that.❤️

      • I highly recommend this book. Its subtitle is: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants. The author is a botanist and a Potawatomi native, a UW-Madison grad a poet, a mother, and a wonderful writer. I know you will love this book, Lynn. And yes, 2021, be good to us all ,and let John and Lynn come back to Wisconsin for a visit.

  • So beautiful, Lynn. I always enjoy your posts so much. I love the spirit for life and hope that you hold for us all in recent times. I hope you and John have a special Thanksgiving. Beth

    • Thanks, Beth. I’m so glad you enjoy reading the blog and are part of my joy community. May you, too, have a lovely Thanksgiving!

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