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What a week. Watching, waiting, up, down. At times exhilarating, other times exhausting. I had to keep telling myself–“breathe.”  

I also kept searching for activities and resources that offered hope, learning, and pleasure.  Here are a few of my finds: 

Maria Shriver’s on-line “Sunday Paper” (at offers thoughts on the world in ways that feel strong, humane, and upbeat. Her perspective on politics comes from years of being involved in many ways. In addition to the Sunday edition, there is a Midweek edition with an essay, prayer, and various inspirational thoughts.

David Leibovitz’s blog ( continues to entertain with new recipes and cookbooks and glimpses of Paris. And his Drinking French book has me ordering some bittersweet chocolate for Chocolat Chaud (hot chocolate), fixed the French way for the upcoming colder days.

The tenth anniversary edition of 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go (also good for men!) is providing great escape and fun inspiration. The author, Susan Van Allen, says, “Treat this book like a cookbook.” Okay! Yum. I’ve already earmarked a few places I’d love to visit like Asolo, near Venice, and the Tarot Garden created by Niki de Saint Phalle in Capalbio, Tuscany.

A sweet capper to the week was a dynamite chili with a chocolate kick made by John accompanied by San Francisco Polenta Bread.

And I learned that next week, beginning November 9, is World Kindness Week–timely–with next Friday being World Kindness Day.  The Kindness organization’s mission is “to educate and inspire people to choose kindness.”  See for simple ways to do that.  

As we move forward in the next few days and weeks, there may be bumps on the road.  But I intend to focus on what is healthy and hopeful.  On the “Yes,” on JOY.  And I will remember to breathe!



2 thoughts on “Breathe”

  • Oh Lynn. Now I have more podcasts and books to read. John chili sounds interesting and I love cornbread.
    Much love to you. Miss you. Oh and I am now prepared to do some cross county’s skiing.
    Galena opens this weekend.
    Much o

    • Sounds as if you have some fun ski adventures in your future. Keep us posted. It may be vicarious skiing for us this year. We’ll see. Miss seeing you, too. Stay well. Have fun. And may this Thanksgiving bring comfort and pleasure.

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