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Ten Small Pleasures

“As the world turns” in these chaotic times, most of us are seeking health and balance the best we can.

Here are ten recent activities that have helped lift my spirits:

  1. Drawing and dressing my four Gigettas shown above with polka dots. Gigetta and polka dots always make me happy.
  2. Baking chocolate/meringue cookies– baci in gondola— from The Table of Venice. They actually tasted quite good, kind of like French macarons on trainer wheels.
  3. Creating easy-to-make mini chocolate croissants with pre-prepared puff pastry, filled with three kinds of chocolate chips, rolled, brushed with egg, baked for 20-25 minutes at 350, and consumed easily and quickly with my morning latte.
  4. Mixing a Lemon Drop cocktail to watch the vp debate.
  5. Enjoying a dinner of Cioppino—one of my family faves– with fresh baked bread given to us by friends who had just made too much for themselves—lucky us!
  6. Receiving a surprise book on travel (!) from another friend. Called A House Somewhere: Tales of Life Abroad, it’s a fun “get your motor runnin’” read.
  7. FaceTiming with two high school friends to talk about a book called Lost Department Stores of San Francisco by Anne Evers Hitz. For anyone who knew San Francisco of old, this is a pleasant trip down nostalgia lane.
  8. Going camping in our van for an overnight at a campsite about 45 minutes from our home that provided a small hit of newness. Woo-hoo! It also happened to be the night of the first Presidential debate. As we listened, our doggie threw up…hmmm.
  9. Having wonderful phone conversations with friends and family. Thank you!
  10. Honoring my daily rituals of journaling, making coffee, and walking up the hill with John and Cosi.

And you? I would love to hear what has brought you joy, big or little, these last few weeks. As the Beatles said, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” We can all use inspiration these days.


6 thoughts on “Ten Small Pleasures”

  • Chocolate meringue cookies….I am drooling like my Basset Hound….I do LOVE meringue. Oh and chocolate croissants? I’m coming over……..
    Sounds like you are becoming quite a master baker and cook. I can imagine how wonderful your beautiful little redwood house must smell.
    Happy to know that you, John and Cosi are creatively finding ways to enjoy your time at home until you are again ready to venture out.
    All remains relatively normal for us….working, traveling about, hiking with friends and enjoying our lovely property & pets. I’ll email some photos of our most recent adventure into the Wallowa Mountains and Hells Canyon. BEAUTIFUL part of Oregon….who knew?? Hugs to all Archers.

    • So glad to hear that you loved the new-to-you parts of Oregon…does the heart and soul good to explore…I think we’re all more than ready for that!! Sending love your way!💙

  • YEs, yes yes!!!! so fun to feel lifted by Giegetta and your suggestions Lynn. thanks for keeping the light on for joy as the fall come over all of us.
    XOXOX diane

    • Thanks, Diane. There are certainly many days when I do not feel as “up” as I’d like, but I do give “up” my best effort…Sending love to you❤️

  • You are an inspiration, Lynn, for how to find joy.
    I reread a favorite quote this week that helped me on my way to finding joy:
    “Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway”
    by Emory Austin

    So, I decorated my house inside and out for Halloween, just as I always do!
    Enjoyed my first “Chico Mary” martini of the season. Actually a pomegranate martini with fresh seeds which we named after my beloved mother-in -law., Mary Dowd.
    Savored the deliciousness of Lynn’s chocolate meringue cookies. ( Lucky us!)
    Placed new photos in my Shutterfly album that has become a photo journal of these times.
    Treasured the Zoom sessions with my youngest granddaughters.
    Counted my blessings each morning upon awakening. (Your thoughtful, , heart felt column is one of my blessings.)

    • Thanks so much for sharing all that is bringing you joy, Trudy. What a collection of treasures. I love the quote and the image of you drinking your first “Chico Mary” !!🍸🎃

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