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A Italia!

“You may have the universe, if I may have Italy.”

                                    Giuseppe Verdi

Andiamo!  Let’s go…and we can, if only in our imagination.

SO…here’s what has unfolded these last few weeks for me along Italian lines…

🇮🇹 Yet another failed attempt at making my own edible, light (ha!) pasta…I’ll keep trying!  I now have a recipe that seems fail-safe, at least for the chef who gave it to me!  Vediamo!

🇮🇹  A great recipe for Creamy Corn Pasta with Basil from the New York Times -–tasty and perky with those little bowtie (or falfalle which means butterfly in Italian) pasta.

 🇮🇹 A purchase of Amaretti, pictured in their container above, which were some of my favorite Italian cookies growing up.  Dipping them in red wine after that Creamy Corn Pasta dinner was quite fine.

🇮🇹 An attempt to keep the sugar-high going by committing to bake “Baci in Gondola”—kisses in gondolas—from the cookbook called A Table in Venice by Skye McAlpine.   They are “meringues sandwiched together with dark chocolate.”  I’ll keep you posted.

🇮🇹 A dip into my first novel in a long time and it’s about—you guessed it– Italy. Called Women in Sunlight by Frances Mayes of Under the Tuscan Sun fame, it’s a story about women going to Italy to begin a new phase in their lives.  So far, so good.

🇮🇹 And Cosi Fan Tutte, our shared doggie, is back with us—ta-da!– and apparently now prefers her morning medication with salami or prosciutto …

Allora…Italian diversions abound in this household on the hill.  I feel grateful and comforted.  May you find your comfort spots, as well. 


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