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“Vegging Out”


Hi again and welcome back to “Bring Joy to the Table.”

This summer John and I are enjoying and thankful for the comfort and pleasures of home. We are “vegging out” by harvesting our first tomatoes, eating Peter Pan squash, and looking forward to cooking our first spaghetti squash tonight with homemade pesto from the basil growing in our garden.

John is busy making sauerkraut from our very own cabbage, using a jar specific to the task that I bought from Farm Steady ( Farm Steady has many products and videos about how to make various kinds of fermented foods, as well as baked goods. I just bought a bagel making kit from them; that should be interesting!

We are also vegging out in regards to travel. Last week, we did drive a big forty minutes to Gayle’s Bakery in Capitola where we had pre-ordered a large round of crusty whole wheat sour dough bread, biscotti, and almond croissants. Health food!

And rather than making our favorite jaunt to Sun Valley to listen to the wonderful free outdoor concerts, the concerts are coming to us, virtually.

We have already watched three broadcasts. One evening included being welcomed into the family home of a French horn player and his violinist wife as they and their children were making French Onion soup (recipe on-line). Last night’s performance was a trio playing Beethoven from a venue in St. Louis.

In the past, we, along with hundreds of other folks, would pack our picnic dinner and blanket and appropriate beverage, and head up to the lawn behind the Pavilion where the performances took place.

This summer, people in Sun Valley can still reserve spaces on the lawn in front of two large screens. We, on the other hand, are at home enjoying the concerts in front of our own television screen with food and cocktails in hand.

The concerts are available on-line for all, should you wish to take a peek. They begin at 6:30 sharp, Mountain time. You can see the musical selections at This Monday’s concert will hail from the East Coast and will feature Broadway stars, including Audra McDonald.

So there you have it. Our vegging out summer is providing us with the comforts of home, many edible perks from our garden, and talented musicians right in our living room, well, kind of.

‘Til next time, may you be healthy, safe, and comfy wherever and however you are living life right now.


P.S. For the next part of this blogging adventure, I will be changing from posting every Saturday to every other Saturday, with an additional pop-up post now and then when I just have to share. Thanks for being a part of this joy community!
















8 thoughts on ““Vegging Out””

  • Wow…Archer Farms is thriving. I think there needs to be a portrait of Farmer Lynn and Farmer John in your overalls and pitchforks standing next to your bounty. What fun to feast on beautiful veggies you have grown yourself. Very satisfying! Oh and making homemade bagels…..I always knew you were a Jewish mother at heart…xoxo.. Sounds like you two are enjoying your down time at your most beautiful home. All is well here Just working away as usual and looking forward to hitting the road in our Airstream next month. Much love to the Archers.

    • Ha! We actually have one of those photos in the archives somewhere. I’ll go on the hunt for it! And I will let you know how the bagels turn out. So glad all is well with you two and that an adventure is soon to take place. Enjoy it…which I know you will. Sending love.

  • love how grounding your blog is for me Lynn….no matter what I am doing,..I love to stop ,sit and join you for afew minutes in Carmel Valley. SO thank you…Always, for everything! XOXODiane

    • So glad it gives you some pleasure, as does your incredible newsletter give me pleasure and inspiration. I love the wood projects you’re doing. It feels so good to connect with one’s heritage and to create with our hands from elements we cherish. Enjoy, dear friend. Sending love your way!

  • Learning how to “veg” is an art form. You and John seem to know how to do it. Spaghetti squash is delectable and with basil pesto – amazing.
    I have served it as a side dish to grilled chicken – very good. Love that you are remotely enjoying your concerts this summer. DId I tell you I bought a copy of Salad Party for Angee. She loves it! I think I may have to get one for myself as well. I love its simplicity. B

    • Who knew we’d be perfecting this as an art form. Unique times—understatement. So glad you like the salad book—I do, too…simple and visually fun😍

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