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When a Little Goes a Long Way

This week I needed some “uppers.” Natural ones, of course! And I found them in little things along the way…


*savoring my first cup of coffee, with my homemade Low Fat Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, a David Lebovitz recipe

*being greeted by our bright sunflowers, pictured above, when I open our front door

*visiting our single rose bush with its seven roses, the most we’ve ever had, and witnessing each bud’s daily progress

*watching the plums ripen and turn red and the mini- green Meyer lemons begin their growth

*eating my first ever Honey Bear Acorn Squash, from our own little garden

*talking with a former student and his wife who made a special effort to stop their truck so they could say hi as I was walking down the road

*getting to know a new neighbor and his playful dog on our evening walks

*experiencing a very local overnight “getaway” — in our guest cottage: close, inexpensive, fun—like playing house!

*appreciating a friend who called at just the right moment when I was needing a boost

*making my “French 75” cocktail, another David Lebovitz creation, for our physically-distanced friends’ “Cornfield Cocktail Hour” (we have five corn stalks in our backyard planter to satisfy the Midwesterner in the household)

*being thankful for my home, garden and sweet calm steady hubby

*and lighting red, white and blue candles in hope  


Whenever I’m caught in a thought storm, I need to remember the quiet pockets of joy that can center me, bring me back to now.

I guess you could say I agree with Jon Kabat Zinn’s quote:

“The little things?

The little moments?

They aren’t little.”

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