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Along the Way


This week with all the news and realities of “re-opening, ” I felt a mix of emotions. As we leave the known shelter of “shelter in place” and experience this uncertain next phase, I wonder, “How will it go? What new decisions will we each have to make?”

For my part, no matter what my emotional landscape, I want to continue to seek out positive avenues for my thoughts and energies. Not always easy, but my blog theme–“Bring Joy to the Table”–challenges me to do that. 

This week, quite a few positive gifts came our way:

1.The first two Gerber daisies from our garden, shown waterlogued above, joined us at our table. And we have been enjoying the beginning batch of our garden’s lettuce, kale and spinach for our salads. Woo-hoo! What a blessed treat.

2. We are marveling at the exponential growth of the other vegetables we planted. We can already see the beginning of the actual Honey Bear Acorn Squash “fruits,” and the basil is thriving and saying, “pesto, pesto.” I am answering, “Sì, sì!”

3. We watched two segments of a fun, educational and inspirational show a friend recommended–Grow, Cook, Eat. Because of it, we now know how to trim our tomato plants, plant a garlic clove to create a bulb, and how to use tomatoes and garlic in some easy colorful recipes. Plus, the show was filmed in Ireland with the delightful vibe that the Irish and their accent bring to any presentation.

4. And as we tuned into Friday’s Let’s Draw Together lesson with Wendy MacNaughton, serendipity struck. Her guest for the final day of her “Drawing Food” (!) week was Samin Nosrat, the author of Salt Fat Acid Heat book, and Netflix series, that I wrote about in last week’s blog. We drew and painted different kinds of toast from various countries. And Samin talked about how “you get to travel every time you cook,” that cooking is “using nature in the kitchen,” and that we can “choose to be joyful.” Thank you, Samin!

And so… I add another emotion to my week’s list. Gratitude–for life, for our garden, for food and art, for inspiration, for love in all its forms, and for you, dear readers, for joining me along the way. Grazie.

As we all step out into new territory, may we all stay well, with wisdom to light our paths and little joys to lift our spirits.




10 thoughts on “Along the Way”

    • Hey, thanks Diana. Ah, yes…seasons. Have fun with your planting. As for our adventuring north, we’re not sure what our plans will be. Seems to fit the territory, me thinks😏. We’ll for sure let you know when we know. Stay well❗️

  • Thank you for keeping our spirits high and our hopes positive, Lynn. Yes, the lettuce from the garden is a winner. I do think more bugs than humans are eating the basil in our garden. Your blogs inspire us to stay focused on our blessings.

    • Hi Jeanne! So good to hear from you. Thanks for checking in. I’m glad my blogs provide a little lift. It’s not always easy accessing that these days. We have to help one another with that. As for the bugs and the basil, perhaps the bugs are Italian! Get that Italian going!! Sending love to you and your dear hubby. 💜

  • Sweet piece, Lynn. Are you taking enhanced photos or is that a painting? Either way thanks for the attitude boost.
    Who will tend your Agricola while you’re in SV?
    Hola Juanito.

    • Thanks, Tom. A good question about what will happen if we actually get off the hill and mosey north…we may just have to stay here and spend the summer harvesting and eating! Could be worse. As for the image, it is a photo enhanced by an app on my IPhone called Waterlogue It’s great fun! Ciao!!

  • beautiful Lynn!! thank you for the inspiration and I can on,ly imagine how wonderful it is eating vegetables you have grown in your little sanctuary !

    • Thanks, Sharon. It is quite a treat to tuck into my Italian farming roots, so to speak, and savor what grows from little seeds and starts. And to watch these little critters grow is such a surprise and pleasure. I like the term “little sanctuary.” Thanks for that!
      Sending love to you!💓

  • And thanks to YOU, dear Lynn, for your weekly inspiration. We’re going to check out “Grow Cook Eat” tonite, with Jamesons in hand. ☘️
    PS. Our lettuce is happily growing up a storm!

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