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Allora is one of my favorite words in Italian. There are many nuanced meanings for allora; I think of it as “and so…” It is often used in conversations as a transition or filler word when one is going from one thought to another, a pause word that allows the speaker time to see what is to be spoken next. Allora

Since day one of our California “Shelter in Place” endeavor, I have been working on a mandala-like art piece, shown above. I started in the center with some writing, collage and painting. The next day I spiraled out a bit and added a little more color. And so it has gone for these many days. I intend to keep working on it, and probably a few more to come, until our world is in a better place. I think the piece now has a name: Allora.

I am enjoying my daily meditation/art therapy, and I am enjoying where I am doing it, as well. My art piece rests on my art table, which used to be my family’s kitchen table, the setting for some of the best meals and love in the world. And so…each day as I sit down to conjure up my next image or word for Allora, I also conjure up images of Linda and Augie, pasta con pesto, spumoni gelato, and dynamite Manhattans!

Allora…many other Italian words resonate with me now, too. Speranza dà forza–“Hope gives strength,” and the words sung from Italian balconies andrà tutto bene–“Everything will be all right,” and in the Pope’s message insieme–“together.” Yes, we are all in this together. May we all survive and be part of a wiser and more loving world. Allora, spero che si!

12 thoughts on “Allora…”

  • I love the idea of it expanding every day to show what you are feeling/memories/hopes/fears on that day. Your mandala as it grows and grows. Love C.

    • I’m loving the meditative quality of sitting down and honing in. It, at times, is a little zentangle-like and I like that. Stay well.💚

  • Such a lovely and positive sentiment. With so many nasty, negative, hysterical voices out in the world right now, your optimistic approach to making the best of a bad situation is exactly what we all need to hear and practice! I will look forward to sharing some pasta con pesto with you Archers sometime in the not too distant future. Cheers to you both.
    Anche questo deve passare

    Ciao Ciao

    • Yes, Lauren, may we all be soon sharing pasta con pesto together across the table from one another. ‘Til then, may we all be thoughtful and do what is best for the good of all. Sending love your way💜

  • Allora, dear friend. Your creativity is both inspiring and mouth-watering. Thank you for art, your words, your presence in my life.

    • And thank you, dear friend. I so appreciate your being a traveler with me on my blogging adventure and in my life. Stay well💜

  • Ah Lynn, it’s always such a pleasure reading your positive words and seeing your fun artworks alongside. I can picture you in your cozy home with your sweet husband and puppy, looking out at the green views of CV. Keep cheering us up with your inspiring blog. Take care, be well, until we meet again!

    • Thanks, Patty. I do find great value in looking for any bright spots, either inside myself or out in nature or in people, as a balance point to all that is going on around us right now. I don’t always feel “up” but I work on it and when those more hopeful feelings come, I cherish them. So glad you find some pleasure in reading my posts. Stay safe and well, my friend💜

  • Allora…a pause. We are pausing aren’t we. Like for instance, right now there is a beautiful, happy cloud sliding past my window. It seems it’s on a journey but not too fast, allowing itself to drift ocross our green hills. The sight of it causes me to pause and say thank you little cloud. You are an inspiration. Now I see a little finch in the oaktree outside my window. She is hopping from branch to branch perhaps looking for a spot to build her nest. Such blessings. Sometimes it takes time on our hands to see and hear how truly beautiful our world is. This shall pass and in the meantime “allora”. Hugs from the hills. B

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