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A Little Lift

Here we are staying at home as part of our state and country’s attempt to slow the spread of the corona virus. This will be a challenging time. We will need to be our best monastic selves, while finding creative ways to be social.

I’ve been sewing more this week, working on a daily art project, doing my Duolingo Spanish, and adding Tai Chi to my exercises. I just brought out a 1000 piece bird puzzle and today’s baking escapade will be Cornmeal Cranberry Cookies.

We’ve been messaging and e-mailing family and friends, using FaceTime with little nieces and nephews, and having phone conversations and zoom “cocktail” hours with friends. We are also walking a lot, keeping the six foot separation with other people, while recognizing that we are all in this together.

Along the way, there have been little serendipitous surprises, like this week’s daily dinner-time visit of a mourning dove. It flies into our garden and alights on the edge of our bird bath. It drinks a bit, rustles its feathers, looks west toward the setting sun, and then rests. We of course want to believe it is the same dove each evening; I think it is. We quietly watch, blessed by its presence and glad to be on its evening flight path. After a few minutes, it swoops down to the base of the bird feeder, takes a nibble or two of fallen birdseed, and then flies away to what we hope is a lovely safe nest.

We all need little lifts right now. “Our” little dove gives us that. We hope it returns again and again. But if it doesn’t, we thank it for its blessings and wish it well.

I wish you well, too. Stay healthy and hopeful.




6 thoughts on “A Little Lift”

  • Oh my dear, your blog is such a welcome site in my email inbox. I always know I will be uplifted by your keen awareness of the little things in your world. I must FaceTime you soon. We must keep connected in every way we can. Love to you and John, Joan (and Doug)

  • You both have been on my mind during this time, and I was tickled to see your post just now. It’s springtime and nature provides a healing balm during the challenging times we face. Loved ones, like you, do the same for us. Wishing you continued good health and joy in the little things. Let’s talk soon. Sending lots of love. xoxo

    • It brings a smile to my face to read your words and to envision you in your special abode surrounded by all your nature sights and sounds. Stay well, dear friend. Love to you and your family. ♥️

  • Birds are a joy and I have always thought that they find a place they like and return over and over. Remember Lynn & John Buffelhead (Ducks) that come to our pond every year along with Marikay & Wally Mallard (more ducks). Of course, I never wanted to tell you but John Buffelhead often returns to the pond with two girl ducks…..that swinger!’
    We wish the Archers well during this crazy time. It sounds like you two are approaching it with your usual good attitude and creative solutions. As my mama would always say in difficult times….”This Too Shall Pass”. It will….we will be just fine and we will have all learned some good lessons in appreciation and what is really important. How fortunate that we get to spend these “down days” in such beautiful places. Much love to the Archers.

    • Quite a set of duck stories! John, the swinger! You did know we met swing dancing, right?
      Thank God for birds and ducks and nature that heals and humor that lightens our days and good friends who stay connected and bring us joy. Love you both…and all your birds and ducks and dogs and…

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