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Ah, Choices

In driving back from San Francisco this past Monday, I realized I had a choice. I could listen to the live impeachment hearings, and be informed. Or I could make a different choice and perhaps keep a healthier psychic balance. I chose the latter.

We listened to some podcasts from the program called “To The Best of Our Knowledge.”  As serendipity would have it, one of the two we had available was about hope.  The other dealt with the concept of time in various cultures and periods in history. Both were educational and involving and made me feel positive. 

When we came home, we lucked out again by watching the CBS Sunday Morning show featuring music around the world. Seeing an a cappella group of young boys singing their talented hearts out in the streets of Madagascar was a joy; hearing the songs of Texas birds in the final nature segment of the program was sweet and inspiring.

No, I cannot tell you what happened on the impeachment hearings on that Monday. But I can tell you a little about a philosopher of religion’s discussion of “deep hope, ” the sense of hope in Nigeria and about a Clock of the Long Now that is being created to last 10,000 years.

And I also know that when I did tune into the hearings later in the week, I was ready for that choice. I knew I could handle it with a little more strength, calm and balance.  

If it is true that what we focus on expands, then I’m into expanding good thoughts and healthy feelings, especially when times are emotional and trying. 

We don’t always have a choice about what is in front of us. But we sometimes  have a choice about how to deal with it. When we do, I am thankful and hope I choose wisely.


6 thoughts on “Ah, Choices”

    • Me, too. What a time we’re living in. Thank goodness for friends, like you, who are lovely spirits in our lives.💓

  • Yes, yes,yes. Such good wisdom, Lynn. TTBOOK is such a wonderful show. I also heard segments on Hope and Time. I may just skip church tomorrow to listen to CBS Sunday Morning, which used to be “my church.” Loved the emphasis on what’s good in the world that Charles Kuralt would introduce. Hugs to you two!

    • Thanks for the reminder about Charles Kuralt and the positive presence he offered.
      I like your creative approach to “church.” Whenever/wherever we can feel close to good and “up” in the world is where I want to be! Enjoy whichever “church” you choose tomorrow. And hugs right back at you two💓

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