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This Time of Year



During this interim week between Christmas and New Year, I like taking time to let everything settle, to be quiet, to reflect. I like to follow the advice of a quote I used with my students in a creative writing class I taught years ago: “Stand still and look until you really see.”

I light my candles, take long walks and a few naps, and look out at the lake at the white on white. White ice, white swans, white clouds. Calming.  

And I think about the New Year. 2020. What will it bring? Some people make New Year’s resolutions. Some do vision boards. Others choose just one word to use as a theme to focus on for the year. And others just let be.

At this point, my bottom line wish for 2020 is health for myself and those I love. After that, I’m open to whatever surfaces over the next few days and weeks, to whatever inspiration is waiting to be recognized and acted upon.

And so I conclude this year of postings with a haiku that just popped out… and with a wish:



let the mind quiet

and the heart reveal its truths–

open and enjoy!


May this new year be good to you and for you. Happy 2020!

6 thoughts on “This Time of Year”

    Wishing you great adventures and happy days in 2020 (to go along with perfect health of course).
    The “white on white” of Wisconsin sounds beautiful. We have been having more “grey on wet” with some sunny days in between.
    We will be in Monterey at the end of April….with the Airstream….hope to see you then. Much love from the wonderful Pacific Northwest.

  • Perfect prelude to a period of silence Rich and I will observe over several days coming up. Thank you! I wish for you all your heart’s desires. with appreciation for your wisdom so freely shared!!

  • As the year ends, I’m thankful for your words of joy (and good food) each week! I’m wishing you and John a very happy and blessed New Year! May 2020 be a year of good health and lots of joy!
    Sending so much love your way.

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