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“Only in Wisconsin”

There we were on our way to the small Wisconsin town of Mineral Point, when John decided he’d like to buy some of his favorite beer–Spotted Cow–straight from the source. So we found our way to the New Glarus Brewing Company and had a fun, unexpected time there.

First, we took the self-guided tour through the brewery. Walking the pristine hallways in what is a very modern facility was educational. Large signs placed strategically throughout the building explained the history of the brewery and about each stage of the brewing process from the delivery of the malted barley to the milling to the fermenting and ultimately to the assembly lines of bottles being filled, labeled, capped, and packaged. The mechanics of the whole process made me appreciate the genius of designers and engineers and the workers who work hard to create a good product. It was emotional–and this was before the tasting!

The idea for the brewery was that of Deborah Carey, who spearheaded a return to her home state of Wisconsin in 1992-3. Her husband Dan had years of experience in the brewery world; he found the location; Deborah created the capital for it; and off they went. Deborah Carey is the first woman to found and operate a brewery in the United States. The brewery and their craft beers have won many awards for excellence.

The philosophy of the owners was shown throughout the facility in telling quotes:

            “A positive attitude leads to a positive outcome.”

And one by Francis of Assisi:

            “He who works with his hands is a laborer

             He who works with his hands and head is a craftsman

             He who works his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

After our tour, we did the tasting–natural for John, a Wisconsinite whose father was in the brewing business in Milwaukee; not so natural for me, but I loved it and found a beer I liked! We also purchased a variety of their beers, some seasonal, some year round like John’s Spotted Cow, a traditional unfiltered ale, described as “fun, fruity, and satisfying.”

All of New Glarus Brewing Company beers are sold “Only in Wisconsin.” Our tasting guide told us that some out-of-state fans carry beer bottles and cans wrapped in socks, shoes, etc., in their suitcases so they can have a New Glarus beer on their home front. With names like “Totally Naked, “Pumpkin Pie Lust,” “Fat Squirrel,” and “Serendipity,” how could they resist!

For more information, including a video on the story of the Careys and the brewery, check out

And if you ever find yourself in Wisconsin–you never know–New Glarus Brewery is an entertaining and inspiring stop. As they say, you’ll “know you’re in Wisconsin when you see the Spotted Cow.”

6 thoughts on ““Only in Wisconsin””

  • Taking a minute today to get caught up on my reading which always includes your blog. First thank you for the heads up regarding Beaujolais Nouveau 2019. Next trip to Trader’s I’ll grab a bottle. Now about the Spotted Cow – since my husband fancies himself a home brewer I have been to more than my share of micro breweries in California and beyond. When we take our road trips it is often dictated by the location of breweries. It is amazing how many micros there are. Seems there is a niche market for the so inclined. Rich is an IPA beer expert and has quite a developed palate for IPAs. I’ll be sure to tell him about the Spotted Cow, great name. I love that the brewery in Wisconsin was started by a woman. Seems women can do anything a guy can do except for that one thing that we all envy (conveniently peeing just about anywhere). So if we are ever in Wisconsin (you never know, as you said) we will check it out.
    Hugs – from the hills in Carmel Valley – B

    • So glad to hear of Rich’s interest in beer and micro breweries. He’s a natural for enjoying Wisconsin!
      And I hope you enjoy the Beaujolais Nouveau–it’s easy and light. Hugs right back at you from cold

  • Spotted Cow has been a favorite of our son and it’s always my choice, too. And I also went out and got a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau. I passed your blog on to my knitting friends and I know a couple of the women bought bottles as well. They also enjoyed learning about the wine. Still loving your blog!
    Love, Joan

    • Glad to hear about the Spotted Cow admirers in your family and I hope you and your knitting friends enjoy the Beaujolais Nouveau! And thanks, friend, for your continued support of my blogging adventure.🧡

  • End of the year. End of a decade. It’s time to be grateful! I am so grateful for your blog! It is always inspiring, entertaining, pertinent and fun. It nudges me to ACTUALIZE my many creative ideas. Thank you, thank you and I look forward to another decade if bringing joy to the table.

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