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Quiet Time

It all started within an hour of my last blog posting. A friend gave me a card that said, “Enjoy the little things.” My psyche must have taken that to heart because this week was a quieter balance point to all the “around the table” joy of last week and afforded me time to be open to some of those “little things” in life.


…a backdrop of gray skies, with rust and brown leaves falling onto camel colored fields

…a squirrel racing frenetically from tree to grass to tree…intuiting winter?

…white caps on the lake during a very windy day

…an Osprey sitting on a lakeside rooftop 

…a hawk flying parallel to our car for two blocks

…a nine week old red Labrador puppy playing with the “big dogs” at a dog park

…the lower energy in town with the university and almost all businesses closed for the holiday

…a sermon which spoke to the theme of “making some room” for what is important in our lives

…the local newspaper left at our door each morning by a neighbor who shares her copy with us

…the meditative sound of needles clicking as I knit a scarf for a special project

…a poster at the local Saturday Farmers’ Market, pictured above, that made me smile–SO Wisconsin!

… John and I reminiscing about all our favorite relatives at family Thanksgivings from our youth

…the quiet light from the orange candle lit in honor of our parents and the life they gave us

…the Limoncello we sipped at a local hotel tavern called Augie’s, my dad’s name!

…and the sign on the abundant dessert table at our Thanksgiving meal restaurant–“Count Your Blessings.”

I did count my blessings this week, and I imagine you did, as well. May we all continue to enjoy the exuberant people and events of this next part of the holiday season, as well as those softer, smaller moments that come our way.



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