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Bring Color to the Table!

Orange is the color of the season. Our local Earthbound Farms Market is a center for natural sculptures of all configurations of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. And I wanted to join the fun by bringing orange to the table this week.

I did so in the form of a Sweet Potato Chowder from the cookbook The Forest Feast Gatherings by Erin Gleeson which I spoke about in a previous blog.

The chowder was easy to make, tasty and colorful. I love the author’s suggestions for topping the orange soup with the white Greek yogurt, green scallions, and red pomegranate seeds. I didn’t have the latter, but I used sliced strawberries and dried cranberries and all was colorfully well.

On a color-oriented roll, I matched the orange display with a green salad of arugula, blueberries, feta cheese and pecans, from the same cookbook. Talk about Rainbow food for a healthy diet–both for the eyes and stomach! And to add to the color, I brought to the table a vase of yellow roses and orange chrysanthemums and my “Gather Close” persimmon colored Glassybaby candle.

Simple fare. Mother Nature provided the basics, a creative author provided the recipes, and I just showed up and had fun putting everything together and revelling in the visuals.

For my next color endeavors, I’m going to make my mother’s Bolognese sauce with homemade (she says…) gnocchi, accompanied with a green salad and a glass of local Pinot Noir, finished with a piece of dark chocolate. That should keep my palate and palette (ooohh) happy.

And you? What color are you adding to your table?

4 thoughts on “Bring Color to the Table!”

  • What times dinner? Yum….Mama Cipolat’s pasta & sauce. I’m in.
    Looks like you are having lots of fun doing what all good Italians (and Jews) are supposed to do….feed those you love.
    Cheers and love Archers.

  • Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday; fall, my favorite season. I love your artistic approach to the table and the food served. The fall palette is a beautiful one that spawns both warmth and joy. This year we are traveling to Cambria for our Thanksgiving. I am bringing to the feast roasted roots.
    It is such a happy combination of color, texture and flavor. I serve it in the rustic style. Chunks of butternut squash, beets, carrots, parsnips and red meat sweet potatoes (some refer to them as yams). To that riotous bowl full of color I add a chunky onion and drizzle with a good cooking olive oil and sea salt. Bake until done (about 45-60 minutes) at 375-400 degrees. There are lots of suggestions on the web, of course. This year as we pass the bowl of roasted roots one to another, I hope we can be reminded that a mixture of diverse colors and flavors makes for a great dish and a great society.

    Thanks Lynn for your tenacity in keeping your thoughts and inspirations coming. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • What a lovely picture you paint of this season and upcoming holiday. And thanks for your root recipe.
      It sounds relatively easy, hearty, and pretty. I may just join you in doing a “riotous bowl” for our

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