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Off the Grid

It had been a while since we had gone camping. This last week, we did it. Two days and two nights in our VW van, Baci, at Kirk Creek, a pristine campground overlooking the Pacific Ocean south of Big Sur. It was a peaceful, quieting nature retreat that satisfied the three of us–hubby, doggie, and me.

Camping is a perfect opportunity to live “less is more.” One focuses on the basics –shelter, food and a place to store it, basic clothes to keep one warm, sturdy shoes, and a flashlight to find the bathroom at night!

Our camping escapade was filled with many simple moments of enjoyment:

…setting up our two chairs and our small folding table facing the ocean

…savoring that first hot cup of morning coffee perked on our van stove

…preparing simple healthy meals with all of the fresh produce, cheese, and bread we bought at a farmers’ market

…wearing my camping “uniform” which included my special t-shirt, pictured above, given to me by someone who may be reading this right now!

…walking up Nacimiento Road and listening to the creek below as we climbed

…watching Cosi longingly watching the little bunnies dart out of the bushes

…being “unplugged” with all of the quiet, calm, and extra time that created

…attempting some “plein air” painting of the sunlight sparkling on the ocean–with not much success, but that’s not the point, right?

…reading my book–Outspoken– as I sipped Prosecco, enjoying the fading autumn light

…talking with our campsite neighbors

…marveling at the night sky with the Milky Way being the “star”

…going to bed earlier than normal because, well, it was dark!

…listening to the ocean waves as we fell asleep

…enjoying each other’s company

…leaving the campsite as nice as we found it for the next lucky occupants

And to think this little oasis is within two hours of our home. Sometimes one doesn’t need to go far to experience a world apart, and a pretty spectacular one at that.

And then there are all the little gifts of being “out there” that we can take home with us…like choosing times to be “unplugged” and following one of my favorite Thoreau adages, “Simplify, simplify.”

14 thoughts on “Off the Grid”

  • Sounds like perfection!! Big Sur looking over the beautiful Pacific……how wonderful.
    Any chance to get out into nature, unplug from the constant noise of the “real world” and remind ourselves we can be self sufficient is so good for our mental, emotional and physical well being. We certainly LOVE it in all forms….a day hike, car camping, Airstream “glamping” and best of all wilderness backpacking. Amazingly we have not done any of the above in Big Sur….we will….and maybe we will even see you there. So glad that the Archers and once again HAPPY CAMPERS. xoxo

  • Ahhhhh! You are preaching to the choir!!! Only thing wrong with this perfect picture…we weren’t there. Next time!!
    Love your tee!!

    • Yes, next time!!! We walked around Pfeiffer State Park after our escapade and remembered our fun time there with you.

  • You made me feel like I had been there with you and I, a non- camper, truly wished I had. Ah, the peace one finds in nature.

    • How lucky you, and we, are to live in areas of natural beauty close to other areas of natural beauty. Ah, is right.

  • This getaway sounds heavenly, Lynn! And aren’t the best times in our lives “simple moments of enjoyment”. Maybe THAT’S the meaning of life…..simplify and savor. It’s certainly what speaks to me right now.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and for prompting insights in your readers.

    • Love the phrase “keep it simple.” And the words “savor” and “enjoy” are good too. Add in “thank you” and we’re good!

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