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Three Ingredients

“Good food with friends and family is the cure of souls.” 

(from a Leigh Standley Curly Girl cocktail napkin)


It was a very warm day on the Peninsula and I had a series of in-town appointments. Highlighting the day, though, were three events with three things I love in life–food, friends, and family.

My first shared meal was lunch at a local French bakery/cafe called Lafayette at the Barnyard, Carmel. I met two friends who I have known for many decades–we have shared being a part of a twenty-year book club, travel, and many inspiring conversations. We sat outside, enjoyed our cheese quiches/brioches and each other’s company, talking about our joys, concerns, challenges, hopes.

The second food-friend encounter was at the outside patio of Sur, another Barnyard restaurant, for pre-dinner appetizers and beverages. This was with two women friends whom I have known since my first week in Carmel, 46 years ago. We taught at the same school, shared a house as roommates during our single days, created a design business together, and travelled to fun destinations as a trio. As I looked at my two dear friends, I gave thanks, for them and for all of our shared moments.

Then home it was,  where John had prepared dinner. Though I didn’t really need much more food (understatement), I ate anyway, and thankfully. After all, my husband had prepared the meal (!), and both he and our doggie Cosi were there to share it with me,  with my “Yes” glassybaby votive candle appropriately lighting the table.

There have many days like this of late, with other dear friends from home, where we have gathered for food and conversations. These special times together made me remember a quote I had saved from last year’s A Word a Day in Italy calendar–

“Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto.”

        Eat well, laugh often, love a lot.

How blessed we are when we can do this. 

4 thoughts on “Three Ingredients”

  • I love reading your blogs Lynn. The writings about food, family, friends and travel are always a joy to read! Keep up the good work my friend. I hope to see you sometime during your CV “visit”!

  • Just leaving Istanbul, but had a great 5 day stay in Tuscany with friends, savoring food, laughing a lot and loving the moments! Thinking of my Italian connection in Carmel /Idaho…

    • How wonderful to hear from you and about your “three ingredient” encounters…spiced up with another magic ingredient–travel. Enjoy!

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