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Reunion Time

After six weeks of being away, we are now back home. Whew! Transition days…breathe in, breathe out. Unpack. Reflect. Regroup.

This last week was spent at Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center, a Lake Tahoe compound of rustic cabins and wooden buildings suitable for conferences, retreats, and meetings. John and I were there to be a part of his group reunion of return Peace Corps volunteers.

It was a fun, emotional, inspiring few days of living in community with one another. We all had rooms in neighboring buildings and all shared meals together in a communal dining hall.

Going to meals was a pleasure. What would the meal be? Who would I sit with? Where would our conversations take us? The topics ranged from children and grandchildren, to recent trips, health challenges, artistic passions, community work, realities of aging, good books and movies and what was going on in the world today.

At the evening meetings, there were “what have you been up to since our last reunion” introductions which included elements of adventure, joy, success, concerns, challenges, nostalgia, losses, and hopes. Life. To hear about what people were doing was provocative. It made me consider options I hadn’t before. It made me look at what I have done that had value. And I asked myself what I would like to do next.

In all, it was a warm exhilarating sharing of lives, past and present. And it was intense, and tiring, too; my head and heart were spinning with many stories of many people’s lives. And as serendipity would have it, just as this Tahoe reunion was ending, I was on a conference call with friends planning our fall college reunion. It must be that time of year–and life.

And now? A reunion of a different sort–with our home, our valley friends, and with myself. I need to settle in, here and now, for a while. Have some quiet time. Recalibrate. And then see what impact this last week, and the previous weeks, may have on the next portions of my life.  I look forward to what I discover.

6 thoughts on “Reunion Time”

  • Welcome home, dear Lynn and John! We celebrate your return to your Carmel Valley nest and all the people here that love you and cherish your companionship.

  • Welcome back to this neck of the woods. It sounds as though your time away was enriching and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing your reflections along the way. You sure have a knack of writing inspiring thoughts while traveling. Can’t wait to hear about the new possibilities you took to heart while away. Perhaps you will write a travel memoir one day.

    • Hi friend! Thanks for your continued encouragement to write a travel memoir. Maybe now is the time…it would have to include outer and inner travel, the big and the small of each. Sometimes just a new coffee shop can create some sparks. Looking forward to sharing writing, et al, escapades with you.

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