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Life in All Its Parts

It was that kind of week. A sad one, with our American flags again at half-mast, with words and images that made our hearts ache and our minds wonder–what can we do to be a part of a solution to all of the violence, loss and sadness.

And It was also a week that had spots of happiness for me, for there were a few birthdays to celebrate; I want and need to honor that part of life, too. First of all, this is the 52nd post of my blog, so Happy One Year Birthday, “Bring Joy to the Table.” And thank you followers for being a part of this venture. I so appreciate knowing you’re out there helping to create a circle of good hearts.

The other birthday is mine. On Auguist 7th of this week, I turned 77 while listening to Beethoven’s 7th Symphony with my husband, doggie and hundreds of other music festival attendees. Let’s hear it for the power of 7’s! May it be a power for good!

To help celebrate that event, this Italian-American wanted to bring good food to the table, or rather picnic blanket. And that we did. We went to our favorite Italian restaurant in Ketchum called Cristina’s owned by a talented Tuscan woman chef and chose some Mediterranean specialties for our picnic: Greek salad and dolmades, celery root “pasta,” grilled shrimp, freshly made cheese bread sticks, and two Italian bacio candies for dessert. Throw in a small bottle of Prosecco and we were set. Plus, there was an added treat of a salted caramel cheesecake provided by a reception for a soon-to-be new culinary institute in Ketchum. How sweet is that–literally!

The music, all free to whoever showed up, was powerful and moving, kind of like this week. I admit to crying–what me, an emotional Italian? Yes. Crying for the privilege of having been born to such loving parents, of still being alive on this planet, next to a loving man and cute dog and being able to breathe in the beauty of the sweet mountain air. I am counting my blessings, which far exceed the number of candles on my fantasy birthday cake! And I am praying for solutions for our country so that all can live and enjoy life. That is my birthday wish.




26 thoughts on “Life in All Its Parts”

  • Happy Birthday, Lynn, and thank you for your marvelous musings each week which I thoroughly enjoy! May you enjoy many more celebrations of life! With gratitude and appreciation for you!!

  • Happy Birthday Lynn. My birthday, also 77, was August 5th. My children took me to Christins’s for my 76th birthday last summer! They are just leaving Sun Valley this morning after a 3 week stay. It is a very special place. We also loved the free concerts last summer.

  • Hi Lynn, and Happy birthday again. Thanks for your reflections this week which touched me and reminded me of this confusing and gorgeous experience we call life. We all send love into our world knowing that, cumulatively, it brings balance and harmony. Enjoy the sounds, tastes and smells of those glorious mountains and all they enfold.

    • Yes, we need to keep having faith that whatever little good or love we send out is becoming a part of the greater good and love in the world.

  • Hey Birthday Girl…so glad you had such a wonderful day. I do think on your day featuring the number 7 your should perhaps have played the lottery or made a few bets! Your birthday celebration sounds like it was just perfect and delicious! I so appreciate and admire your positive outlook and the way you express gratitude for all that we have, the big things and the small. We are all truly so lucky to live in such an exceptional country, warts and all. If all people could be more thankful like you, the world would certainly be a better place. Cheers to 77.Hugs.

  • Dear Lynn,
    You are a treasure and a gifted story-teller who never fails to capture both the travails of life and joys of being alive. I give thanks for our long long friendship.
    Happy 77th, dear friend.

  • Dear Lynn, Happy belated birthday ! What a special day you described – sounds beautiful just like you! And thank you for sharing your joy and sadness. I too wish for us to come together as a nation vs being torn apart. Big hugs, Kathleen

  • Yes, life is at times messy, then ordered; hard, then easy; complicated, then simple; terrible, then wonderful. Maybe it takes one to know the other. To have gratitude is a gift I think. And you, girl, have it and relay it so well in these little essays. I so enjoy them and hope the year of sevens is a love-filled and happy one! Much love, Joan

    • Thanks so much for your good wishes, Joan, and for your beautiful writing about the seeming opposites of life that as you say, “Maybe it takes one to know the other.”

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