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Treats Along the Way


We just returned from a trip to Ashland, Oregon. The four days were filled with many gifts, including these edible delights prepared by friends and local establishments….


*Sweet Potato Enchiladas from the Oh, How She Glows Cookbook, a vegan cookbook by Angela Liddon, which I have just ordered.

*Mushroom risotto with edamame/arugula salad, accompanied by one of my favorite light rosé wines, Whispering Angel, and followed by sea salt caramel gelato topped with chocolate sauce.

*Peace Tea at the Dobra Tea Cafe (,a local hang-out that offers over 100 teas. With the tea, we had a Buckwheat Fig Spiral and a tip from our friend to watch the making of lotus tea and other vegan specialties by the Korean Zen Buddhist nun and chef Jeong Kwan, as viewed on Netflix’s Chef’s Table. We watched it when we returned home and were inspired.

*Breakfasts at the Country Willows Inn (, which featured many unique items: carrot fritters topped with an egg and salted yogurt, broccoli and black olive frittatas, currant muffins, banana/mango juice and chocolate chip miniature pastry puffs, pictured above–kind of a pain au chocolat without the guilt!

* Homemade pistachio and dried cherry biscotti which I finally made from a clipped-out recipe from a 2011–don’t want to rush into anything!– issue of Bon Appétit. They were perfect for dunking in our on-the-road coffees.


We enjoyed all of these culinary treats. But the most important gifts of our time away were those of friendship, love, gratitude, and the awareness, again, of how precious life is.

9 thoughts on “Treats Along the Way”

  • Well you Archers are doing some fancy eating. Sure beats my Taco Bell and Snicker’s Bar….ha.
    Ashland is such a sweet town. Glad you had a little getaway. HUGS.

  • It sounds like a lovely treat-filled getaway! We have two Dobra Tea locations in Asheville (of course). When Molly was here over the winter holidays, the girls and I enjoyed a lovely time at Dobra Tea, each of us choosing a different tea and sweet so we could share! It felt like a mini-retreat!

    Korean Buddhist cuisine can be experienced by doing a Templestay if you ever visit South Korea. Another treat for the body and soul!

    Your joyful posts bring me joy.

    • How fun that you have a Dobra Tea. Ashland-Asheville…there are some other similarities, too.
      And we figured you’d be familiar with the Korean food segment; I so remember our Korean food escapade with you
      in Asheville! What an experience a templestay would be…that Chef’s Table segment in itself was transporting.
      What a world we live in, with so many landscapes and so many ways of life. Wow!

      I’m so glad you’re find a bit of joy in my posts. That makes me smile! 💜

  • Ashland~ One of my favorite places to be! It to me is a Magical Experience! Planning a trip there later in the summer! So glad you love it too, Bella

  • We have two Dobra Tea locations in Asheville (of course). When Molly was visiting during the winter holidays, the girls and I went to Dobra Tea, and we each ordered a different tea and sweet so we could share. It felt like a mini- retreat!

    You can enjoy Korean temple cuisine if you do a Templestay when traveling in South Korea. That’s a treat for the body and soul!

    Your joyful posts bring me joy!

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