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Playing with Joy!

Playing with Joy!


I am a Golden State Warriors fan. But it wasn’t always so. A few years ago, I didn’t even know, or frankly care, about who the Warriors were. But that all changed when my husband John and I, plus our dog Cosi, embarked on a cross-country trip in Baci, our white VW van.

All went better than expected, with carefree driving and fun camping along the way–Sugar Pine Campground at Lake Tahoe, The Great Basin of Nevada, the Colorado Rockies and beyond. The three of us really did manage quite well, she says, in our close van quarters, doing what campers do.            

But there was a challenge. John wanted to listen to the Warriors games during the NBA finals, which just happened to coincide with our journey east. Unfortunately (or was it?), our car radio couldn’t pick up the games out in the wild. As we brainstormed how to coordinate our love of nature and his interest the Warriors, we came up with an obvious solution–we’d just have to find a motel room with cable TV for those nights when they were playing.

Hmm…I began to take an interest. That meant that we would have a shower just feet away from our beds and enough room to spread out our books and clothes. We could easily make a cup of coffee in our room and get Margaritas and enchiladas at local Mexican restaurants. Even Cosi could enjoy more spacious digs, running around the room, shaking and catapulting Lambie, her white woolen toy into the air. All this plus a television set. Score!

Since the raison d’être for our intermittent spaciousness and comfort was that Warriors basketball team, I figured I owed them at least a look-see. Then the unexpected happened. I became hooked…and still am… by Steph Curry, the three point shooter with his smile and rambunctious mouth guard, Klay Thompson with his always-composed way of playing, Draymond Green with his aggressive offense and defense and his muscle-flexing gestures, and all the bench players who play with such heart. Plus, there’s the talented coach, Steve Kerr, who says “The value that means the most to our team is joy, and it’s reflected in the way we play.”* Indeed. How could I not be a Warriors fan!

For the record, we had a glorious cross-country trip, alternating pristine campsites with motel rooms, and the best news is that the Warriors won. And now they’re at it again. What a joy to watch players perform with such exuberance talent and, yes, joy! Go Warriors!


*For an interview podcast on his coaching philosophy, here’s a link:



8 thoughts on “Playing with Joy!”

  • I completely agree with you, Lynn, I became a fan because of Rich, and yes, it is a joy-filled experience for all!

  • Ditto! Love these darling boys. If there is a cuter team in basketball, don’t tell me. I am quite content
    with my Golden Gate boy crush. I like that professional sports can be played with joy. Sometimes it all seems way
    to serious. Go Warriors. Be one with your joy! It works and is contagious.

  • OMG, I did not know? I too am a Warriors fan! I love watching all the challenges they are faced with. I never thought I’d be so into this. My son asked me “Mom, do any of the ladies you know watch basketball?” I said that I never asked them for fear they would think I was crazy! Thank you Lynn for letting me know and you and I will be cheering on the Warriors together!

  • I love sports, too. I watch golf when cooking, basketball when cooking, football reluctantly, and baseball whenever I can, especially while cooking or vegging out. But this year I’m rather sad to not have our Milwaukee Bucks playing your Golden State Warriors! I think I’ll watch this pro basketball series just because of how wonderfully you describe these players. I love that they find JOY in what they’re doing and as a team. The Milwaukee Brewers are kind of like that, only they’re kind of up and down of late. Thanks for this blog post, Lynn. Go Warriors!

    • Our San Francisco/Milwaukee household really wanted to see a Warriors/Bucks series! But at least now we’ll have a singular focus. I love how much you combine your sports watching with cooking. I wonder if you’ve come up with any unique recipes because of it…

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