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A Smile Can Go a Long Way

Smiling is good for our emotional and physical body. And thankfully, smiling sometimes comes easily from the little things in our life– that first cup of coffee, the view out our window, the photograph of a favorite little child, a puppy sleeping in the sunlight.

Today, I want to introduce you to a small joyful character in my life who I started drawing many years ago and who still to this day makes me smile when I see her. Her name is Gigetta, the name my father apparently wanted to give me.

Here’s her bio, which I wrote a few years ago: “Gigetta popped up in my journal one sunny morning. My husband and I were starting a road trip across the United States and she wanted to come along. She’s been with us ever since. Her needs are very simple: fun, travel, cute clothes, and sometines a bag for her artwork and writing. She also has a fondness for caffe lattes and dark chocolate. Her philosophy is simple too:


Eat Italian

Be kind and good

Be open to change, especially if it’s from one cute outfit to another.”

She has graced coloring cards, fashion cards, and coloring books based on some of her favorite places–the Monterey Peninsula; Sun Valley, Idaho; Madison, Wisconsin; and Paris; she is currently hankering for a new locale with new adventures. Hmmm.

She also is quite an active creature, so there are glimpses of her playing soccer and tennis, skiing, dancing, walking the labyrinth, cooking, drawing, and of course reading, as she was doing in last week’s post.

How thankful I am that feeling a little joy and smiling because of it can be so easy at times. Something small and simple like Gigetta can do the trick. I hope you, too, have some small pleasures that make you smile.

And to add to the joy-smile mix, Thich Nhat Hanh said, “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” Seems like a win-win proposition to me! Smile on…


14 thoughts on “A Smile Can Go a Long Way”

  • Your blog makes me smile with joy. Every time! Thank you for your creativity and thoughtfulness. You enrich my life, truly.

  • Gigetta brings happiness to my heart. So does a dog snuggling in the window seat and her other mom and dad.

  • Cute little Gigetta resides in our living room in the form of that sweet coloring book you made a few years back. I do smile every time I happen to look at it. She is very wise in how much joy she finds in life’s simple things. Of course she has your wild hair which also makes me smile. I think Gigetta would greatly enjoy San Juan Island……another happy place!
    We are off to Couer d’Alene Idaho tomorrow on our first Airstream adventure. Will send pictures.

    • Yay, Airstream Team! Enjoy…and yes, please send photos. And I think you’re right about Gigetta liking San Juan Island💓

  • As I was reading this I was recalling my childhood alter ego. She came in the form of a doll that a friend of my mother’s crafted for me.
    She was small, wore blond braids, and sported freckles on her nose and cheeks. I named her Freckles, of course. I loved Freckles and despite her naughtiness she came everywhere with me. You see Freckles had a delightful perchance for getting in trouble. I tended to be a child who avoided getting in trouble. She was the antithesis of me. She spoke her mind, forgot to do her chores, and could not sit quietly around adults. I can see that your Gigetta mirrors all the wonderful qualities I enjoy in you. Wouldn’t your Dad enjoy Gigetta and revel in the fact that it was he who gave you that creative inspiration? I hope he met her.

    Pray tell how your father did not win out in calling you Gigetta.
    Did he secretly whisper it in your ear when he tucked you in bed?
    “Sleep tight, my little Gigetta,” he might have said. In Italian, of course. 🙂

    • Loved hearing about your alter ego, Freckles, who managed to get into trouble! What a wonderful companion she must have been. Do you still have her? Or have you taken over some of her previous roles! And, yes, I think my Dad would very much have enjoyed Gigetta😍

      • Yes, I still do have her. She lives on a shelf and makes me smile every day.
        But Lynn, how did your dad not win with the name Gigetta! I mean I love Lynn – it’s a beautiful name. I’m just curious.

        • How sweet, Barbara. And how lovely that she makes you smile! As for my name, I don’t know the rest of the story…My mom’s name was Linda, so I can see where Lynn could have had an edge. I do have a friend who calls me Gigi, and Gigetta is a pretty spirited little character, so I think my dad’s wishes have manifested in creative loving ways!

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